Thursday, February 25, 2021

An information packed day and a treatie for some...

 but first, some lovely quilts shared with us by Jacqueline.

A closer look at the colourful Noahs Ark, made for one of Jacqueline's grandies.

Cute 'I Spy' in a four patch format.


Appliqued cats captured in all of their fun loving activities.

Jacqueline also used that lovely sashing as her backing on this beauty. Her 3 quilts are all for her lucky Grandies. 

Michelle is following in Jackies footsteps with another of those vibrant and intricately embroidered, felt applique stitcheries.  Will this one be a cushion or a wall hanging? or has Michelle another plan?

Cheryl had some lovelies to share with us, some sweet mug mats, machine embroidered 'Love' declarations with beautiful quilted hearts.

and another of her ever so popular book cushions, well the cover part anyway, why add a cushion filler to all the other bulk one brings along was Cheryl's take on the subject.

Karen had some info to share, lots of info actually, first cab off the rank is the great idea (Thanks Wendy) to create bunting to decorate the outside of the Cottage for our Quilt Show.  Karen bought along some lovely examples made by herself and other gals. - The idea is to either use an 'orphan' block or make one up, sandwich and quilt it, either bag or bind the little lovely and put a cute little quilters saying on it, front or back as well as sign it - if you don't have a suitable pen Karen can help you out.

Karen would like us all to make at least one of these and get them to her A.S.A.P.  please.

Other info was regarding the Challenge, 

"As the quilt show is themed all around flowers and gardens, it was decided to keep with this theme.

A3 is the maximum size allowable – you can make it smaller.  It does not really have to be a wall hanging, but it will be hanging on a wall during the quilt show I expect. 

You can embellish all you wish – or not. 

You can use any colors you wish – or not.

It is a challenge and does not have many rules.  If you are not sure of anything, please ask and I will look to clarify for you.

So “darlings”…oh no, that is Jeannie Little…

So “possums”… I am off to start mine. 

Enjoy the journey!"

"Due date - first Wednesday in June 2021

Make a wall hanging  A 3 size ( 42 cm x 30 cm)  using the inspiration of the flower denoting your birth month.

Below is the list of the flowers. 

January – carnation
February – violet
March – Daffodil
April – Daisy
May– lily-of-the-valley
June – Rose
July – Delphinium
August – Gladiolus
September – Aster
October – Marigold
November – chrysanthemum
December – Holly"

  Some gals were not very impressed with their birth flower, so of course there was lots of chatter and ideas shared, such as,  your challenge doesn't have to be a flower, it can just be something representative or indeed a traditional block but using your birth flower colours but the best advice was simply....if you don't like your flower, choose another....after all, who's to know?!!

The last bit of info from Karen (busy - isn't she?) was about the 'produce' stall instead of the kitchen at the Easter Fair.  

"We will be selling pot plants, baked items, and any produce people bring from home (lemons, limes etc).  All money will go to the Craft Cottage as a donation.  I have been propagating plants, however, if you have any medium to large pots at home that you would like to get rid of, I would be very happy to take them off your hands.  I have heaps of small pots, but larger pots are in short supply at my house.  We will also be asking for slices, biscuits, small cakes and fruits etc closer to the Easter event.  My main focus is currently on plants, so if you do have any pots, I would happily rehome them for you."

Thanks Karen

Lastly, via Sue A,  we have an invitation from the Fibre art and surface design group to pop along to their exhibition 'Seed - a creative interpretation' of textile and paper art, from Friday 5th March to Saturday 14th March.

The opening of the exhibition is Friday 5th March at 6.00p.m.

The fiber art gals have a small display in the glass cabinet to inspire us all, including these beauties


Ooooh, almost forgot the treatie, as mentioned last week Sheila gave a heads up to start being a bit more careful about wearing our name badges, it's fine for the old err... long time members, but a bit rough on our newbies, so in an effort to reinforce the message, Sheila went around and gave everyone with a name badge a raffle ticket, no name badge, no ticket, (I can tell you there were a few long faces, 'cause a raffle ticket means....a raffle, and a raffle means a prize) Yep, a cut little bag with the smallest cathedral blocks.  Packing my name badge soon as I post this...hopefully

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Lots of gals stitchin', lots of news and a 'heads up' from Sheila

 Wendy is teaching another of her Grandaughters to quilt, sharing a couple of pics with us.

"I thought you might like to see my 7 year old granddaughter, Ellie, with her quilt she made with me in the holiday. She did all the sewing by herself on the machine and even quilted it by hand. She was very proud of herself"

Well done Ellie, its a lovely quilt, one to be very proud of. 

Wendy also found time to create an inspirational wall hanging for her sewing room with the motto 'Sewing is cheaper than Therapy', can't argue with that.  Love the button jar with real buttons.

 The 'Heads Up' from Sheila?  -  start wearing your name badges- I believe she is gonna go crook at us if not- heavens only knows where that will lead! - extra homework probably.

It was great to see Helen and Marie on their first visit for awhile,

Marie was busy admiring Wendy's wall hanging


 and Karen was catching up while stitching, how cute are her little mug rugs?

With international travel on hold and being unable to visit rellies, Jan is knitting up a storm and creating a jumper/cardy to carry her love and thoughts instead.  Jan is also creating Australian animal softies for the littlies in Scotland and managed to snaffle a pattern from the de-stashed pile from Gaye.

Pat is taking the risk and winging her way to Victoria with this cutie created for a Grandies birthday.

Last week Jackie bought along a piece she is working on, another Applique challenge,

and this week, lovely vibrant felt flowers to add to what will eventually be a lovely cushion

We have fabric bargains galore, along with so many opportunities for adding to the stash.

You would all have seen the Facebook notices regarding the very successful Atrium Autumn Open Day including Patchwork groups Bobbin Along Sale, there was some serious de-stashing and stash building on Saturday, so much so that it will be an ongoing event, with plans afoot to include a 'Bobbin Along' at our quilt exhibition in a mere 126 days.   

Along with stash items there were some great bargains to be had with 11 quilts sold, all under the $100 mark.

A lovely and generous lady popped into the cottage and left us a bag of scraps, some were snaffled to add to the Uniforms for Kids effort, others snaffled for interesting projects of one kind or another, so Thank You very much, your fabrics will be put to very good use.

We also had more flyers letting us know the gals from Pacific Paradise are still in action with their sales of Patchwork fabric, quilts and craft.  You can catch them at 24 Richardson St, Pacific Paradise on Mondays 9-4pm and Saturday 9-1p.m. the girls can be contacted on 54487620

 Sheila also mentioned that the op-shop ‘Little Shop of Hope’ operating in the Uniting Church, Gloucester Road has Fatties in at the moment at a good price

We also had a new member join us yesterday, welcome Terry.                                                            Terry has moved to the Sunny Coast from Gladstone where she used to have---wait for it---her very own patchwork store – when things settle for Terry she will be offering her fabrics online.

Gaye, leader of the Sunshine Quilters Group is de-stashing at the moment and sent Marlene along to us with a great bundle of patterns and books for us to repurpose, including this humorous verse, bought to my attention by Marlene, part of a pattern but would make a lovely wall hanging for a sewing space.

This de-stashing and downsizing business seems to have gotten into everyone's blood at the moment, we are all spending too much time at home and not enough time out cruising and visiting.  Wendy is putting a toe into the downsizing waters and selling off her dolls house, its fantastic, so many little items, would be a fab gift for a little girl or boy.

Wendy made this stunner herself from a kit.

There is even a tinsy little pair of specs and a book on the bedside table

How cute is the rocking horse.

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