Thursday, November 15, 2018

Special Birthday, Amazing quilts and a very good idea

Everyone was in party mood this week, Lyn celebrated a very special birthday, one of those milestone '0' birthdays.
Of course there was cake, rather a yummy one, orange poppyseed, with candles for blowing out and wishing on.
Karen got the job of lighting the candles, she seemed to be dressed for the job.

Debby is busily working on a pretty new longstitch 'Friends of the Ocean',

Way back at the beginning of the year, Wendy started the Esther Aliu 2018 free BOM 'Queens Garden', its been a lot of fun following the ladies from all around the world stitching this years BOM on Esthers Quilt Blog Group on Facebook
Esther posts a free BOM each year, of course if you decide you want to do the BOM from a few years back you can purchase the pattern from Esther or sign up for next years BOM on her site.

Getting ready for Christmas, Sheila shared her Christmas pillowcases created for her Grandies, she even uses them as christmas stockings, stuffing them with goodies.

Lorraine has been a busy little beaver, she got hooked on the Bonnie Hunter block 'Diamond Tile' and just couldn't stop making them. Result is this quilt, sashed in black with cornerstones.
She also created a lovely set of place mats and runner for the Alfresco dining.
Lorrain had all the info ready to share on her ipad, the block was featured in the May/June 2018 issue of Quiltmaker, there is a digital version of Quiltmaker available here. The block is from Bonnies 'Addicted to Scraps' series, there is even a youtube video by Bonnie, It runs for about an hour but Bonnie takes you through all the steps to create your own madness collection.
Lorraine also had this wall hanging to share, a mystery project created on retreat with her other quilting group.
Simple overlay construction and lots of sparkly bling from the paint and beading.

Heather was working on the binding on a christmas stocking for Olivia, mind you, she wasn't getting a good run at it, being part of the arvo tea team, she was a little sidetracked.
Lots of lovely charms stitched to the stocking.

Lastly, the good idea, from Wendy.
Wendy says she is one of those who's sewing table gets a little messy, the more she stitches, the messier. Stuff gets on top of things that hide, the more she looks the more she might.
Frustrated with searching, again, for something or other on her sewing table, a bright idea popped up. Why not have a little box to put everything in? she even took it one step further, a clear little box, see through in fact. The trick is to be disciplined to put everything in the box as you use it, but how easy to glance at your little clear box to find the very thing you need. Sometimes it's the simple things that make the biggest impact.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Pencil in the Date: First workshop for 2019...

...Yep, the date is booked, first Wed in February 2019.
Marie and Sue both created their own version of the four patch kaleidoscope quilt. Sue used 4 panels and Marie used yardage with 4 repeats. Sue followed a colourwash theme of assembly and Marie sashed her vibrant beauty in black. You can see Maries quilt in the background, Sues flimsy was on display but no pic. - What was the pickie snapper thinking??

Sue and Marie gave a demo on how to assemble the four pattern repeats - homework really - in readiness for next February.
You must have 4 pattern repeats, either yardage such as being shown here by Marie and Sue, or 4 identical panels.
If using yardage, you need large prints for your repeats.
The girls also advised go for the colour, forget the design. So if you have yardage that you love the overall colours of but it might be a little dated in design, then perfect - no shopping necessary.

Sue pointed out a nifty short cut to identifying repeats, the colour dots in the selvedge are not only to show all the dyes used, but are printed on each pattern repeat (does that make sense?) so count 4 sets of colour dots along the selvedge and you will have 4 repeats.

After pressing her 4 panels to a beautiful crisp finish, not, (Sue told us to imagine that bit) she then took the tinsiest little pair of embroidery scissors in hand to cut the 4 panels apart...
you can't even see them they are so small. Luckily another pair of more suitably sized sissors quickly made an appearance and the job was done.

Sue and Maries directions are: lay the 4 pressed pattern repeats directly on top of each other, all right side up, pattern matching.
Starting in the middle of your pattern, choose an easily defined part of the design, Sue choose the point where one petal joined another petal, X marks the spot on the pic.

Taking a threaded needle, and starting in the center of your fabric pile, pass the needle through the chosen spot, fold the top repeat over and pass the needle individually through the second, third and forth pieces of fabric AT THE EXACT SAME SPOT. (As shown in the above pic under the X) - bring the needle back through the fabrics and form a small back stitch, this is to secure the fabrics for when you cut them later - (in February) - re-smooth your fabrics and continue to work across your fabric repeats at approx 2" intervals, Sue says you can draw your thread but you must do the little back stitches, otherwise, disaster is guaranteed.

Marie told us that she cut her fabric vertically down the center (the fold line) and only used the 4 pattern repeats from half of her yardage, the other side of the length of yardage she used to border her blocks, as you can tell, Maries pattern repeat was large.

Not even gonna talk about the Christmas Fair, its just a breath away but a breath after the fair is our Christmas Party, a lunch at our fave Chancellor Park venu. Sheila has suggested that the swap/gift we make follow our current Jeans/Denim theme. We are asked to create either a mug rug or a coaster. Mug rugs generally are rectangular with space for a mug and a snack. Coasters...well they are coasters but it would be nice to have room for a little bickie by the mug.
Wendy had some lovely coasters to share with us, she even gave a simple demo, they are 5.5" square so plenty of room for a mug and a bickie, best of all, if you are pushed for time, Wendy is willing to sell you one of the beauties she had with her today. They come with an added bonus, that over/under construction? - perfect to thread your stemed wine glass into the coaster! instant decoration and identification of your wine and the fabric soaks up all the condensation. Just the ants pants for drinkies by the pool, with a plackie glass of course!

Marcia coincidentally was working on christmas coasters and it was agreed that the pattern would transition beautifully to a denium face with a lighter backing/facing fabric.
Marcia is more than happy to share the pattern with anyone interested.
Aren't they pretty? wonder if they are for the Christmas Fair...

Finally, a couple of pics from the Gympie Rotary Quilt and Craft Spectacular.
The first one to share is Wendy's Medallion Halo (gosh, hope that is remembered correctly)
with a closer peek at the amazing flying geese in a semi-circle
Felt so proud viewing a fabulous quilt made by one of our group. Congratulations Wendy, a job very well done.

Melissa Marginet Quilt Along Invite

An exciting invite popped up in my e-mail, and knowing some of you have expressed an interest in 'straight line' quilting, here is the link for you to share this great opportunity.

I am lucky enough to have a copy of Melissas book 'Walking Foot Quilting Designs' and will bring it along to todays meeting for anyone to have a look at, she has clear instructions with step by step graphics of each design.

If you take a look at her site and decide you too would like a copy of her book, jump in quick, the second printing is almost all sold.
Another look at the quilt top Melissa will be teaching, without the printing overlay. It is a 20" simple design for the 'quilt along' that Melissa will be starting off on her site on 12th. November.

I took these pics straight off Melissas site and then shrank them so hope the pics do justice to the quilting lines.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

A delightful table runner...

...perfect for entertaining the gals for morning or afternoon tea was shared with us by Jackie. A simple construction using one of those fabrics that you just cannot bear to cut into tiny bits.
blue teapots of all shapes & sizes.
bordered and simply quilted with flowing lines, perfect for a tea pot design.

Just a couple of weeks back, Wendy gave us a mini tutorial on foundation paper piecing by machine. She was just starting out on this quilt journey.
Yep, you read right, just a couple of weeks back, prolific and talented are the words that spring to mind.
The assembled blocks are large but made up of many smaller shapes. The white dotted line gives you an idea of one block. Wendy found the original quilt on 'The Quilt Show' with Alex Anderson and Ricky Timms, but she made some block changes as her fabric choices in the original blocks just didn't float her boat, and isn't that what quilting is all about? personal preference and mind changing?

Marcia is busily beading this beauty, a wall hanging that will be offered for sale at our upcoming Christmas Fair. Lots and lots of sequins and tiny beads.

The Gympie Rotary Quilt and Craft Spectular is on this weekend and a group of us motored up for a fun day of soaking up the inspiration, the journey was a delight, we took the scenic route at the beginning and the end of our trip, no, we didn't get lost on the way to Nambour, just took the scenic route is all, two different routes already! talk about laugh!

First stop was in the shed for 'Authentic Old Trades and Household Craft', a facinating look into many crafts including a great exhibition of old time bee keeping equipment and a lovely potter who explained her work and demonstrated some of her moulding techniques.
Marie, spotted this old truck, beautifully restored, home deliveries from bygone days.

Kim from Kimz Sewing and Patchwork center was there, but was also spotted beavering away, helping out a friend who was having a huge (closing down?) sale, and Penny and her Darling were there with the much talked about William Morris Quilt made with modern vibrant fabrics. The idea was to get all the info from Penny but people were 3 deep around the booth so not a lot of chat time, Do not know if this is the actual case but was told that a customer made the quilt, took it into Patchwork Angel for Penny to display. It certainly has the William Morris fans interest piqued.
Visit Patchwork Angel here to contact the Angel for details on the quilt.

Loads of quilts of all sizes and styles, Wendy had a lovely medallion quilt for display and sale and Fiona also entered her award winning quilt.
sorry...the only pic is this triptych style of Uluru, an award winning stunner.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Sometimes, its just all about fun...

...and so it was yesterday afternoon, with our combined Cancer research fundraiser and the release of the 2019 Lyn Ballinger challenge 'Reclaimed', and what's the best thing to reclaim and/or recycle? well jeans of course!
In the spirit of 'Reclaimed' Sheila asked us all to wear our jeans and to bring along something recycled from an old pair of jeans.
Inge made a trendy tote,
log cabin block one side and double pockets on the other

Betty found an old market/beach basket, the handles were tatty, there was a bit of rusted metal on the front but with a new pair of handles, yep, sourced from another old bag, and some nifty flowers constructed from various light weight denims, this beauty emerged.
a closer peek at variety of those denium flowers.

Marie had fun with her cutie, 'Fleur' the piglet,

Marlene shared a great story of tartan ties, family and reunions.
What to wear to a reunion when ones kilt and tartan sash along with the weather refuse to co-operate? well get a friend to make you a totally unique accessory from a beautiful tie that has lain in its box for many a year. Bet you can't guess who the friend might be??
Such a clever idea and a real hit at the do...wouldn't be surprised to hear of more of these coming into being.

Marcia must have felt like going for the over achiever award, she shared a bounty of goodies with us, 2 denim bags
a hessian market tote she decorated a few years back with suffolk puffs and buttons.
and a blast from the past, a colourful vest made from recycled fabrics, the lining was from her daughters skirt.

Val got the 'twofer' award. As a prolific creator of charity quilts, Val is always on the lookout for something 'boy' to create with. She was delighted to be given this great fabric that originally had been a curtain. Just perfect to make a boy quilt, so reclaimed curtain fabric and a charity quilt.

Wendy recycled an old t.v. turntable thingy and created the bestest quilting accessory ever, a rotating cutting mat for by her machine.
Yeah, you can buy these things, but where is the fun in that?
Wendy also mentioned that she has a larger turntable she created from an Ikea lazy susan - she thought it was about $12 to purchase so cheap as well.

There was a myriad of stories surrounding all these great ideas, the one with the biggest 'awww' factor was a story by one Gran who made a pair of Teddy Bear overalls for her little Grandson, who is little no more, a teen in fact, but still asks Gran to make new overalls as and when needed.

The funniest story, which BTW came with a 'Cajun' dance routine of sorts, (just to demonstrate mind you) of Pat dancing - close dancin she was keen to point out - with a gentleman other than the Darling. Said gentleman was so taken with Pats dance moves, moves mind you, that in the demo, looked more like a well mannered attempt to escape whilst gasping for air than a sexy slow shuffle, that he had to present her with something to remember the dance by, and so she is now the proud possessor of a pair of Cajun 'crawfish' earrings. Yep, real claws, painted and hung, see them sitting there on the gardening masterpiece, no? look closer... and don't be distracted by the wonderful, many times mended gardening jeans of Pats darling.
I do believe that there is even a crutch mend under the folds, but that is a story for another day.
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