Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First meeting for 2013...

and in spite of Mother Nature taking a swipe at us, along with some members still away enjoying holidays, we had a good showing of faces.

Our beautiful state of Queensland has once again suffered massive floods and damage from strong winds, the kind of winds that blow trees down, not shrubs, huge trees, bringing down power lines and crashing through roofs and flattening cars.
Our hearts go out to those who are once again facing the huge cleanup and heartbreak of this disaster, especially those who have lost loved ones.

Found Louise cutting out these cute Matryoshka or Babushka Dolls.
Louise has fused the dolls to fusible web and was busily cutting them out but claimed she is open to suggestions on just what to do with them.  Being the talented lass she is she will come up with something out of the box.

Sheila bought along 2 dinosaur toys to be stuffed - just get a look at the size of that bag of stuffing-serious stuffing will be taking place!, anyway, Betty was only too happy to volunteer to help out with the stuffing of these cuties, one has tinsy prairie points down his back and the little pink one has perfect machine embroidered dots.

 Marie bought her Library Quilt along for an update, she has changed the 'Look at me Daisy', unpicking the embroidered faces and placing them on top of the petals, she is also adding leaves with tiny squares of mirror running up the centres.

There are some exciting additions to the quilt, like this really vibrant dressing table, complete with hand mirror and comb.

Continuing the Nautical story there is now a Pirate Boat.

and get this, there is also an Island, complete with a Palm Tree and a swashbuckling Pirate!
Great progress being made, so looking forward to watching these innovative quilts coming into being.

Val has been busy over the holiday period with two commissions, this one is for her Niece's little girl, each of the ladybugs has a her own facial expression.
This disappearing 9patch with the Teddies border is for a friend who wanted a 1st quilt for her new little Grandson.

There were some lovely bags on the Show and Tell table, this innovative one had us stumped for awhile,
Until we found the zipper opening in the bottom, of course, no way to have sticky fingers dabbling in your purse!

Lorraine bought along this cutie to share with us, bit of a fan of bags is Lorraine, (Ooops, had to type that bit twice, had the words bags and lady a bit too close together)  I've heard the rumor that Lorraine has piles of bag patterns!

Ailsa bought this bag to show and share, wonderful bead detail on the clasp and stacks of pockets.

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