Thursday, June 4, 2009

An Evening of High Tea, Fun, and Goodies Galore

The Thursday evening group held a Breast Cancer research fundraiser tonight, it was a smash hit. The room was cleverly decorated with so many beautiful things, from feather Boa's to huge jars of buttons to tiny nick knacks, old machines and sewing equipment, lace bobbins, books etc. etc. and so many U.F.O.'s, or maybe they are still WIP's
The Girls were excited to announce at the end of the evening they raised $360.00, Well Done.
An addition: - Two ladies - you know who you are - are being teased dreadfully, they made an addition error, the amount raised was actually $460, and added to that Debbie met with a friend in the street who very kindly made a donation, All Up - The girls raised............$500.00!
There are so many pics of so many people having fun (Jenny - dashing across the room to 'rescue' a prize for one) and so many interesting works, but time is a problem at the moment. BUT I do promise to load more as soon as I can, in the meantime, enjoy these pics.

Three glam J's and a glam Sue arrived early on in the evening. They missed the Breathalyzer.

A glam Betty & Inga also arrived early, Betty was breathalyzed, wearing her mask!

How cute, a Holly Hobbie sewing machine, no doubt the best pressie for a little girl growing up to be a quilter.
Couldn't resist this pic of an old Singer,
U.F.O's and collections.
The entrance walking in from the Atrium, pretty and festive.
This flimsy is of the most beautiful fabrics, the hand and drape is magical. Hope Jane gets inspired one day to finish it. Looks like someone has a collection of unfinished dollies as well.
Little Miss Bear and some friends, thought of photo shopping the red eye there for a sec or two.
The 'no peeking' method of drawing winning tickets.
Betty modelling her mask, there was a stray feather there, and it was ticklish, worse than bubbles even.
Di was another winner, in fact the two last tickets to be drawn were announced together, and Di being the savvy quilter that she is, and recognizing the size of a folded fattie, quickly zoomed in under the guard of the other winner to score these fatties and needlebook.
Di bought her neighbour along, who won this wonderful package of skin care,
Sue choose a beautifully wrapped box, and inside the wrapping a note saying "there are 47 more of these for you", wow, can you imagine the excitement!. She opened the box to find...........1 individually wrapped loo roll - of course we all hope its more than 2 ply but that's a story for another day.
Janet choose the 'Romantic Dinner for Two' package, it came complete with entree (cheese sticks) main course (jar of spaghetti sauce and not to forget, the spaghetti) dessert (a flake bar) ambiance (colour coded candle - coded to the bag that is) and the romance? why a lovely bottle of red of course.
Sally modeling her prize.
June and Letitia, drawing prizes from the upmarket ticket box, these girls could make chopping an onion fun.
Debbie was delighted to win, she was lucky enough to get a voucher for a meal out............ Almost French. Debbie found she had lotsa, lotsa friends. But the most unselfish friend was Jenny, what a good friend to say she would just force herself to use the voucher for Debbie.
The remainder of the platters of very french pastries are on the table as Debbie walks by. They were divine.
Another winner, Lis and Mandy came along to join in the fun.
June won the lucky door prize. Letitia was thinking of a few good uses for it.

Grandkids Quilts everywhere.....

How cool is this, Sheila was the first to hang a quilt on one of the new stands our group has purchased for the cottage.
The quilt is for Emily to go on her first big bed, a move that is all set to take place soon.
Sheila mapped out the design on graph paper, using 17 different star patterns of varying sizes for a random design. Some of the stars were made using the templates the group has recently purchased and some are design from Marcia Hohn's Quilter's Cache at
Hot off the quilting machine, Julie had just collected this beauty, 'Giant Dahlia' from Fiona of the Quilting Fairy. (wonder why it's named Giant Dahlia? - just kidding..) Hand pieced, Fiona quilted every second block with flowers in the setting triangles and a large floral motif in the center.
The corner triangles from the back to show the quilting.
Quilting on the body of the quilt and the center. Giant Dahlia will be living on Julie's bed. A bed topper she told us.
The colours of this bargello are just great, so vibrant, and beautifully set off with the burgundy and charcoal borders.
Julie, playing 'foo was here'? or just hide & seek, behind a flimsy, her latest WIP.
A Birthday Pressie.........Sheila received a lovely surprise gift from her pen friend from New Zealand and bought it along to show us. Simple and very effective.
Lyn made this quilt for her Grandsons up coming 2nd Birthday. It has some of the animal fabrics that she used for his elder brothers hexagon quilt as well as some newer acquisitions.
The sashing and cornerstones make for a stunning quilt.

Discussing some of the finer points with two very interested co-conspirators, more 'I Spy's' in the planning stage?
Lyn's second 'I Spy' quilt. This one is for the folding bed when the little Grandson visits, and will be staying at Gran's house. Lyn used the left over fabrics from the other two quilts so I guess this is a free quilt too.....
Jackie with her latest quilt, this pattern was featured in Kaffe Fassett's original book. He refers to the prints as 'pinafore prints' from his memories of his Grand mum wearing printed pinafores. Jackie started collecting the fabrics with this quilt in mind some time ago, and really got collecting last year. It's new home will be on a wall in Jackie's home.
This is the front, well part thereof, of Jackie's quilt, hand pieced and most beautifully quilted by Judy Davidson of Furball Farm Quilting in Palmwoods. Judy was once a member of our Patchwork group and is aiming at re-joining in the near future as work commitments have changed.
You can contact Judy by e-mail or phone 0438 520 081.
Jackie began this quilt as a 'bring along' project for Patchwork days, and yes it spent a bit of time on the floor also. Jackie tells us, no pets, and as she has the space she likes to use the floor as a horizontal design wall.
the backing of Jackie's quilt, showing the quilting, using a muted lavender thread, goes rather nicely, don't you think?
Fae has been inspired by her success on finishing the crochet baby blanket and has unearthed another UFO and turned it into a WIP. She came by it quite a number of years ago when an ex member donated her UFO's that had little hope of becoming WIPS and certainly no hope at all of becoming TGIF's. Fae mentioned that this piece appealed to her as it went nicely with the colours of her lounge at the time. There was a bit of an emphasis on the 'at the time'.
Winifred is still working on her paper piecing, but it is an octopus no more, 'it grew legs' she explains and doesn't want to curl anymore.
Afternoon Tea was obviously delish, by the time I got a cuppa and fronted up most of it had been scoffed by the appreciative gals, just look at that poor tiny crumb that's all that's left of the muesli slice, I took the pic and whoosh, it was gone......and the comment? 'oooh, lovely'
Tessa made the apple cake and Lorraine the Orange Cake. Thank you Ladies for a great treat.
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