Sunday, June 30, 2019

2019 Quilt Exhibition - The fun continues

Continuing on with pics and stories of the many amazing quilts in our 2019 Exhibition.

Candlewick and Lace For Sale $400
Val Tanner
"This quilt filled a need to have some hand stitchery.
It took about 12 months to complete and tested my hand quilting, which I hadn't done for a number of years. The squares were put together using the 'quilt as you go' method.
The quilt would make a very lovely topper for a queen bed
Hand quilted by me"

African Animals
Lyn Solomon
"Hand appliqued African animals: Zebra, Lion, Hippo and Giraffe. Made for my grandsons after their trip to South Africa to see all these animals in the wild.
Pattern by Monica and Alura Pool.
Hand and machine quilted by me."

Whirling, Whirling, Whirling For Sale $300
Lorraine Irvine
"I saw this quilt at a Stitches and Craft Show at the RNA showgrounds a couple of years ago and bought the pattern and decided to make it into a bed quilt.
I quilted this myself."

Cream Teddy
Karen Wikman
"One of my family was giving an old Chenille bedspread to charity but I snaffled it first. I used some of it to make this Teddy. My granddaughter loves him and always gives him a big cuddle.
Pattern by Jenny Boylan published in 'Handmade' Magazine."

Pieced in Blue
Wendy Tame
" I wanted to do a blue and white quilt. The pattern is by Edyta Star.
I quilted this myself."

Rose of Kaleigh
Wendy Tame
"I love doing English Paper Piecing and saw Sue Daley's pattern and loved it
Pattern by Sue Daley.
I quilted this myself."

Abundance of Pink
Yola Webster
"This quilt was inspired by 'Green Tea and Sweet Beans' by Jen Kingwell. Our Thursday Night Group had taken it on as a project, however, I started adding new blocks and altering the placement of some of the original blocks. It was a real learning experience working with new techniques and using fillers. It is also the first quilt I have quilted myself on a longarm quilting machine.
Quilted by me."

Owl and Pussycat For Sale $75
Susan Webb
"Child's wallhanging based on design by Natashia Curtin featured in 2007 'Patchwork & Quilting - Applique Special' magazine.
All cotton fabrics hand appliqued by myself using fusible webbing and buttonhole stitch.
Machine quilted by Esther Strelen with some hand quilting by myself."

Port Wine
May Carson
"This quilt is my first attempt at making a "jelly roll" quilt at a workshop helped by Kim from Kimz Sewing and Patchwork. I've called it 'Port Wine' because I needed a couple of glasses of wine to work out how the squares should be pieced together.
Quilted by me."

Dresden Plates in Blue and Yellow For Sale $350
Val Tanner
"This quilt is my first attempt at English Paper Piecing. I found it very therapeutic while watching T.V. or chatting at patchwork afternoons. I have hand quilted the squares and pieced them together using quilt as you go method.
The design is traditional.
Inspired by trying something new.
Hand quilted by me."

Whip it up
Stella Lopera
"Obviously my extended family thinks it's nothing to 'whip up' a quilt.
This was another requested 'easy' wedding gift!
Quilted by Fiona - the quilting fairy."

Fairy Frost Ribbons For Sale $150
Sandy King
"I found this pattern on the Internet and loved it. I thought it would look great using the same range of fabrics so chose the 'Fairy Frost' range in 12 different colours. It was a pattern where you had to seriously concentrate and the 'unpicker' got a workout.
I tried various ways of quilting it but found that straight lines worked the best."

The Kiss by Gustuv Klimt
Michelle McGrath.
"I love Gustav Klimt's paintings and saw the 'The Kiss' panel at the 2018 Brisbane Quilt show. I purchased the panel and the accompanying pack of fabrics, added in some extra fabric and here we are.
Quilted by Fiona - The Quilting Fairy."

Kaleidoscope For Sale $180
Marie Weber
"I saw this pattern for a quilt on the Quilt show. I thought it seemed an easy way to cut fabric for the Kaleidoscope effect.
The fabric I purchased was a 'spur of the moment' buy.
I love bright colours and this fabric is certainly bright.
Quilted by me."

Peter and Friends For Sale $175
Marcia Elliott
"As a lover of Beatrix Potter, I HAD to buy this fabric of Peter Rabbit and Friends.
It is machine pieced
Quilted by Carmen's Quilting." - sorry no link

Taupe For Sale $400
Gaye Cook
"My daughter gave me a book of Japanese Quilt Blocks as a gift some years ago. It was the calm neutral and taupe collection, not my usual choice of colours! I have been making up the blocks at irregular intervals since. Last year I decided I had enough to put together into a quilt. And here it is
Quilted by Fiona - The Quilting Fairy

Friday, June 28, 2019

What an amazing day we had...

...of course there were the early arrivals, Sheila and her Grandie Zoe were on site early, mind you, it was noted that Zoe had a bit of a hockey wound to the forehead, with stitches already!!!! but this young lassie was amazing, first setting up in the Tea Room, then blowing up balloons...please note...not too much help here...she really had it on her own...
Zoe then pitched in and helped out in the kitchen, a fantastic job of helping us out. Thank you Zoe.
Others were also early on site, Wendy, who arrived home from her hols last night came toting her delicious pumpkin soup, Karen and her fantastic troup of kitchen helpers were there to make sure the sangers were freshly made, slices divied up and scones looking totally delish. The gals who hung and labeled were back for a last polish and go 9a.m. the Cottage looked fantastic, and if you were there for the opening, as the Bribie Island Quilters were, these were the smiling faces who greeted you at the door.
Karen snaffled some oh so pretty shabby chic treasures from her home to decorate our tea room
The effect was pretty and perfect with quilts from Wendy's Mystery Quilts tutorial decorating the walls.
Our first tea room customers were the lovely ladies from the Bribie Island Quilters group who having made an early start, 'cause they wanted to support their mate and fellow quilter Karen, arrived parched for a cuppa.
Really, a great start to a terrific Quilt Exhitition.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Its getting close,
real close,
and while the Atrium doesn't have its party frock on yet, these are the quilts that will greet you when you arrive for the Exhibition.
Update - - We now have stories to go with the pics folks, some sweet stories, some heartwarming and some that will make you laugh. Hope you enjoy - A.
'Pinwheel Delight' For Sale $500
Janice Souter
"I made a Raffle Quilt in this design two years ago.
I love the simple design and wanted to make another one,
I love Jewel colours.
Pattern by Christine Cohrs.
Quilted by Judy Davidson - Furball Farm Quilting."

'Doily Memories'
Beryl Darby
"I have been collecting fabrics and doilies for a long time with the vision of making this quilt. The quilt is full of so many memories."
Quilted by Wendy Tame

'Queen of the Night'
Ailsa Ash
"I purchased this printed Sashiko design from the Patchwork Angel stall at our quilt show two years ago.
U have stitched it almost exclusively whilst at our patchwork group".

'Sublimation' For Sale $300.00
Sue Andrew
"Four 'Fabric Panels' of the same print were aligned exactly on top of each other, all four layers were tacked in place and then cut into 4-layer stacks of identical 2 1/2" squares.
The four squares of each stack were then stitched together at a common corner with each square being a 1/4 turn from the next.
the resulting 5" blocks were then arranged to give a colour wash.
Machine Quilted by me".

'Egyptian Odyssey'
Yvonne Palmer
"Handprinted designs from Karnak Temple in Luxor and Aleydos Temple in middle Egypt.
Pattern by Reece Scannell.
Machine quilted by me"

'Black Opal'
Pam Stewart
"This quilt was made for my daughter's 40th birthday.
She had requested a quilt that was an overall design rather than one made with distinct blocks.
So I made this tesselated pin wheel style quilt using a 4.5" template from "Pinwheel Magic"
The fabrics are all Kaffe Fassett Collective with the exception of the black border
Quilted by Lisa Reynolds of Seaside Quilting" sorry, no link available

'Emblems of Japan'
Susan Webb
"Japanese emblems called "Kamon" - family badges or crests, some dating back centuries.
Based on designs featured in books 'Japanese Quilt Blocks' by Susan Briscoe,
'Quilting with Japanese Fabrics' by Kitty & Sylvia Pippin and
'The Changing Seasons' by Jill Liddell
All cotton fabrics hand appliqued by myself using fusible webbing and buttonhole stitch.
Machine quilted by Esther Strelen" sorry, no link available

'Easy Wedding Gift?'
Stella Lopera
"This quilt was a request as an 'easy' gift for a family wedding! Ummmm...
Quilted by Karen Doyle"

'Not Metro Hoops'
Michelle McGrath
"This quilt was intended to be a Metro Hoops design but the old adage 'measure twice, cut onec'...well I didn't and so couldn't mamatch up my hoops! A little bit of lateral thinking was needed and this is the finished result, which I quite like.
Pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful
Quilted by Fiona - The Quilting Fairy"

'Suburbia' For Sale $250
Gaye Cook
"Suburbia uses reclaimed ties from Op Shops to build suburban homes on suburban streets, ties worn each day by the workingmen who live in these houses. The sashing which surrounds is made from reclaimed denim jeans, weekend wear for these same men. Embroidery pets, occasional flying visitors and potted plants complete the picture. The contour pattern used in the quilting is suggestive of the underlying land.
Quilted by Fiona - The Quilting Fairy".

'Garden of Life'
Karen Wikman
"I enjoyed stitching these designs and am pleased with the look of the variegated thread.
The unusual background fabric caught my eye so I altered the original quilt design to be able to use it.
Pattern by Julie Lovell of Calico Farm Designs,
Machine quilted by me".

'Crazy Patch'
Sherrye Hackett
"My first crazy patchwork with silds, velvets and embroidery. I made the pattern myself.
I also hand and machine quilted myself".

'Fibonacci Plays Music with Improvisation'
Sheila Tweedy
"Quilt is an original design using 'magic ratio' of Fibonacci 1,1,2,3,5,8 for 3 center panels and improvisation for 2 outer panels.
Made from blue fabrics from my stash for granddaughter, Emily's 12th birthday.
Emily plays piano, viola and recorder hence music fabric. Backing fabric features her favourite butterflies.
Machine quilted by me".

'It's in the Genes' For Sale $130
Karen Doyle
"My Mum started my creative thirst. I think it started when I was her 'ironer' before I had my own sewing machine. She would sew, I would iron and between the two of us, we would both rotary cut.
When I saw the theme for the quilt show was "Reclaimed" I just had to do a jeans quilt.
There is no wadding in the quilt, but it is really lovely and warm. If you have a look on the back (quick - no one is watching) you will see the variegated thread made a great design that makes it look like it was quilted.
Also, all the dirrerent demim colours look great on that side also. It is almost reversible".

'It's a Cat's Life'
May Carson
"I love cats. So it stands to reason that my very first attempt at the technique of 'Quilt as you go' would feature these adorable machine embroidery designs of cats helping with housework.
Machine Embroidery designs by Kats by Kelly.
Quilted by me".

'Trousers, Ties and Tartan'
Marlene Hogan
"In keeping with the show theme - Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse.
A modern "wagga", definition - (Aust) covering made from two sacks cut open and sewn together. Embellished with recycled trousers, ties and skirts of tartan
Hand and machine quilted by me."

'Labyrinth Walk'
Marie Weber
"When I first saw this quilt I thought it would be a challenge to make it. It was but I enjoyed doing it. It is only two blocks but many pieces in each block
No'Y' seams which was one reason to make it.
Quilted by me."

'Tumbling Block' For Sale $100
Jan Brewer
"I took an opportunity to do a workshop for easy piecing of the blocks by Leisa Seigle
It was easy too!
Pattern by Leisa Seigle
Quilted by me."

'African Elephant'
Lyn Solomon
"Made for my family who toured South Africa and saw elephants in the wild.
Pattern by Monica and Alaura Pool
Hand and machine quilted by me."

'A Burst of Colour'
Sandy King
"This is my first foray into the world of English paper piecing (and possibly my last), with some needle turn as well. I should probably have started with something smaller but 18 months later it is finished. I did seriously think of turning it into a cushion at one stage but am glad I perservered. I chose bright colours from my stash. It was also my first effort at free motion machine quilting. This quilt is going to a good home as a friend of mine loves it so when the show is over it will live on her bed."

'Snuggle up in Colour'
Lorraine Irvine
"I had quite a lot of hand dyed fabric scraps from my applique days and when a friend gave me some scraps from her business (Sue Andrew Hand Dyed fabrics) I put them all in a bin to use up 'someday'. I finally decided that even though the strips were different sizes and not all straight they would make me a lovely quilt to snuggle up on the sofa. About the only pattern that seemed to match up with the wonkiness was a part log cabin.
Quilted by me."

'Under a Mushroom'
Rita Buckley
"I saw this pattern at Faeries In My Garden and thought it would be perfect for Isla, my great niece.
Pattern by Lesley McConnell.
Quilted by Fiona -"

And that folks is just the Atrium, just one room of the Cottage. There are so many other quilts, along with their quilt stories to be seen and enjoyed, and when you need a bit of a breather there is a lovely tea room to sit and have a cuppa and a sweet treat or to enjoy a soup luncheon.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Old P.O. window and E.J. Foote War Memorial Sanctuary

Sheila has been visiting the Old Post Office in Buderim and snapped the great display set out by Lorraine I. to help foster interest in our quilt exhibition next weekend.
Purchased and restored by the folks from the B.W.M.C.A. and used as a community information center, the front window is available for community events for advertising purposes.

Another great Buderim asset, and our charity of choice for the funds raised by our Quilt Raffle, is the Eric Joseph Foote War Memorial Sanctuary, or Foote Sanctuary for short, its a great place for quiet walks or family picnics, these opening words from the Weekend Notes site and written by Elaine, describe it perfectly
'A precious pearl in the crown of Buderim - a secret place only the locals appear to know about!',
Follow the links for a great read on both the O.P.O and Foote Sanctuary along with an astounding number of links on Weekend Notes to both Buderim and other local sites of interest, - never stuck for something to do or somewhere to go in our neck of the woods...yep, bragging, but its true...just lurve the Sunny Coast and all of it's wonderful communities.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

What's everyone up to?

It was a lovely sunny warm day yesteday, one of those days that just inspires you to get stuck in and enjoy your craft, a wander through the Cottage certainly showed a lot of happy quilters. Looks like everyone is super organised for our quilt exhibition in only 7 days.

Courtney was showing off her finished Teddy to an admiring Ankie and Sherrye.
Courtney got a little help from Pam of the Needlework group to finish the last few lines of knitting, Teddy now just needs to be stitched and stuffed.
In the meantime, Courtney is back to stitching her sampler

How cute is the name badge Sherry is sporting? stitched expecially for our Quilt Exhibition

May is working on the third square of a rather stunning pattern. It will be a quilt "just for me", a nod to her Dutch heritage.
The pattern is 'Dutch Meadows' by local quilter, fabric artist and tutor Bernadine Hine and has two versions, embroidery or applique. You can catch Bernadine on her Facebook page or on her blog Fabric, Dye & Threads.
May's finished first two squares.

Keeping the Quilt Show theme of 'reclaimed' in mind, Karren W created this lovely wall hanging using vibrant silk ties given to her by Beryl. Just got a few more binding stitches and one more delightful for our Exhibition.

Sue W is working on a square she is planning on turning into a cushion, featuring 'Leroy Brown' from Liz Stanway 'Teddlywinks' pattern 'The Boys are back in Town'

Another potential cushion is this panel that Lyn was just about to launch into, just got to make the final decision on which of the 3 threads she is thinking of using, Burgundy, White or a Burgundy/White variagated. Looking forward to Lyn's final decision.

Sherrye is working on more of these tiny little 4" squares, intricate and so so neat.

Spotted Val busily stitching but was really rather taken with her bring along work bag.

The gals at the far end were also busily stitching a variety of projects.
Ankie finishing off a binding and Di just about to take the first stitch in an embroidery piece.
Sandy was also finishing off the binding on this cutie.
Love the fabrics and was told that Sandy managed to do a major bargain snaffle and got them for a really low eye poppin' price.

Another binding on the race track is this innovative design from Marie, 'just scraps' she informed us. Love the way the blocks face left then right on alternate rows.

Yvonne was cutting hexie papers, but came to the realisation that the sizing was just a tad out, had Sue check them...
...nope, they stayed the wrong size.
Not to worry, Yvonne decided to work on this piece instead, tiny little fussy cut circles from a handful of different fabrics, stitched onto a background. Yvonne plans on turning this into a needle book.

Lorraine I is all set for the charity quilt-along after the show. Lorraine has got herself a longarm quilting machine and has volunteered to quilt the quilts we create - all in the name of practice - win-win for us all really.

Marlene, always one to do things just that bit differently. was also embroidering. When Sue presented the 4 patch kaleidoscope, Marlene settled on a medallion design using a square of fabric for the medallion, sashed kaleidoscope blocks finished off with a border of hearts. Its a stunning quilt to be but Marlene felt the medallion was a bit bland and wanted to give it a bit of omph, she is chain stitching the edges of the flowers for more definition. Fab idea and it is working beautifully.

Keeping Marlene company, Marie V is hand quilting across the novelty print squares in this altenate Q.A.Y.G pattern. Another stunner in the making.

As much as it is so so enjoyable to view everyones works and watch them progress there is one sight that really gets the juices flowing, a flash of bright orange dots, weilded by Jackie
yep, 3 new books added to the library.
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