Thursday, September 9, 2010

Logan's Patchwork

Logans Patchwork is having a 'Spring Sale' fabric from $8.00 per meter to $12 per meter
postage is about $5. for 2.5 meters of fabric or $10 for more than that.
Pop over to see Margaret Kirkby and the team at
No affiliations or brown paper bags, just got the e-mail.

Lotsa Goss, chit chat, and generally what we have been up to...

A wee tad back, few weeks at least, there was a bit of a conversation on, would you believe  How long between haircuts.....the law as laid down by cutters on how long/short the time between visits etc. etc.....
Fran mentioned how many moons ago, she used to have very long hair, swept up in a fact, she had that hair style when she launched a ship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!            
Well, we all wanted to see a piccie, and today was our lucky day.
Fran bought along a couple of pics from her past, an official  pic  photo by Roland Bryant of the 'Latrobe' in the shipbuilding yards and a pic of Fran, sporting beautiful upswept golden locks when she launched the 'Latrobe', in the pic she is with the Shipbuilder (middle)  and the c.e.o of the shipping company that commissioned the ship, sorry, forgotten the name...ooops.
Now I had to apply a wee tad of pressure to our Star Hostess with the Mostest to capture this pic, but what the heck!!, happy to pay the price.....(Hope you all appreciate the sacrifice....)
Before the meeting began, some of us were out the front enjoying our lunches when along came a couple of lovely 'new to the area' ladies,  looking for info on the Cottage, we convinced Sue to stay and sample one of our meetings, her DDIL had to pop off and attend to other things, but was happy to scoot back to collect Sue at end of day.
Now Wendy, being a bit of a fast thinker, was more than happy to take Sue under her wing, and soon we discovered why, see all those little hexies Wendy is working on???
 Now here is Sue beavering away on Wendy's hexies
heck, if you're committed to a hexie project, wouldn't you want a little help along?  Sue, a real trooper, was more that happy to help out with those little Hexies.
And the flowers that Catti is working on?, more of those sitting by her side, she has ruched flowers and suffolk puff flowers, from Janice's in-house demonstrations.  Wonder what these will turn into?
Sheila bought along some mending, a request from her DDIL. When DIL was just a youngster, she made a dolls quilt from any scraps she could find, pieces from her sisters fave skirt, some P.J. fabric, velvets etc, all which now evoke lots of memories.  The quilt was later extend into a lap quilt, again using more scraps, but over time some of the fabrics have just plain worn out, hence the mending request.  As we all know, Sheila is not a fan of hand stitching, so this is truly a labour of love to hand piece those replacement squares.
The quilt is a two layer quilt, top and a lovely soft lambswool fleece backing.  Sheila has folded back the top  to show the lambswool.

Barbara has been working on this 3-D cat for a few weeks, not being happy with the original layout of the faux fur fabric, she disassembled poor pus and re-assembled him back to this proud creature, with his cross stitched green eyes and gold thread whiskers.  Puss will be making his home with Barbara.

Fae has turned a UFO into a finished item.  She saw this book panel a couple of years ago, and decided to make it up for her Grandson,
He will be turning 22 next week!!, we all think she should give him the book for his birthday,after all it was bought for him, he can give it to his first born.......or it may make it to the sales table for the Christmas Fair. 

Val was commissioned to make a lap quilt, and made up this beauty using directions from one of our Library books, "Kaleidoscope ABC's by Marti Michelle, all straight seam sewing but giving an illusion of circles.
A Kaleido Ruler is needed to construct the quilt, and yes, we do have that ruler in our Library.

Wendy has finished her quilt from Val's tessellation workshop, the pattern is in the Christine Porter book 'Tessellation Quilts'
Sorry I had to cut you in half Wendy, there was such a glare on the glass of the pic behind you it was just too yuck to fix.

Catti was just packing up to go home when Wendy spied this really lovely bag, beautiful silk roses,
'oh', says Catti in a very off hand manner, 'that was just a cushion I found'..........WHAA!, a cushion.  We all scrabbled around for a look and Catti showed us the inside of the bag and sure enough, there was the back zip!
Who would guess, this lovely bag is a cushion cover?
Catti then pulled another bag out from under and showed us this one, she got the fabric from our 'Bring and Buy' table for $2, and the lining for .50cents
A very swish bag for $2.50, well not the handles of course, but you can see the clever way that Catti has attached the handles, they can be interchangeable!
And so as the early birds pack up to leave, our hard working leader is just settling down to put a few stitches into her mending project, and no doubt wondering why Catti didn't have those bags out on the Show and Tell table, as did the rest of us.

Oh, almost forgot, Arvo tea was delish....again....Fran's ginger shortbread bikkies, ginger cake, other biscuits and a plate of lovely fresh rockmelon slices.
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