Thursday, July 3, 2014

Proudly presented to Sunny Kids/Najidah.

19 quilts, yep, 19 wonderfully vibrant and diverse quilts for the kiddies.
Helen from Sunny Kids popped up last Wednesday to receive them, she had no idea there was such a generous donation, and these lovely quilts are just part of what will eventually be created from the fabric donation we were so lucky to receive.

Sue presented a workshop on how to make H.S.T.'s in bulk from 2 fatties, with the promise that there were literally hundreds of layouts, just look at what the girls have come up with!
Closer views of these lovlies and the other donated quilts, made without the H.S.T's are further down.

Val had this beautiful bear-y quilt to share, it will be winging its way to its new home very shortly.

Sheila had two clever 'memory' Birthday gifts for 2 of her lovely Granddaughters.  Both pressies made from  the leftover snips and bits from their previous birthdays quilts
Can you guess? yep
Hankie sachets!
and yes, they both have very lovely 'special occasion' hankies included.

Marie saw it and just had to have it, and so she got it, yep pug fabric, spotted on the net and now a rather fantastic bag.....we were all rather envious, some of the great bag and others just coveted the fabric.

Look what Lainey has been creating, took her 20 min to crochet, a keyboard huh!
She let me take it home where the Grandie was so impressed, we now all have sparkling keyboards.
Lainey sent a link suggesting I could give it a go....why....I've got one!!
But if your heart desireth  one, here is the link, easy peasy to create, Lainey told me so.

End of day, someone was  pooped after having stitched her little fingers to the bone creating so so many more of those amazing 1/2" hexies, well maybe it was just an excuse to show off her rather snazzy new sneakers, Van's no less, purchased without a discount she kept muttering...
Discount or no discount, just one little peek at your tootsies housed in these would gladden the heart and give one a lift. 

Now a closer view of all those quilts 15 created by various H.S.T layouts, plus 4 other innovative designs.

And for the doggie lovers amongst us, guess who has been caught ruling the roost...yep Bea, watching Dad intently and then lolling on the lounge, not for her the dog bed, nope, got her own lounge.  Gal gotta be comfy....
And she's still a pup!!, guess she will be taking up the other half of that lounge before too long.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Thursday Night

Sue has two beautiful granddaughters to knit and sew for ....................and she is enjoying every minute of it.

Fiona was binding ANOTHER quilt!! Can"t wait to see this one.

Debbie is making progress on her 1/2" hexie quilt.

Denise was keeping busy - machine quilting!

Yola's work GTASBQ

Elaine had a lovely knitted rug for show and tell.

Jane B had some knitting on the go too.

Elaine's squares.

Jenny was hand stitching her quilt.

Jane A has started another project.........

Beautiful colours for her Stonefields quilt.

Till next Thursday night.
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