Friday, May 2, 2014

Wandering in a Wonder Land

Popped up to the Cottage today, just for half a sec to grab something, the Darling was driving and opted not to come in, after all, just going to be half a sec, well it was more than half a sec I can be telling you!... shot past a busy bunch of ladies and grabbed what was needed, turned to leave and the full force of lusciousness was almost overwhelming.

Staggered out to the Darling to ask, ever so prettily, if he would be so kind as to come in and take pics using his phone camera (why do you never have a decent camera handy when you need it?!?!)
He did, and here are the results.
But I really have to tell you, the pics are just a very small indication of the fantastic work to be seen,
The first lovelies to be spotted is "recover", the gals have pushed to boundaries of yarn bombing of some very interesting items, as these pics show.

This scarey fella is.... a tractor spring.

New life for a little one's stool.

Another stool, how about the insect life living happily on the leg, and that sneaky orange spider peeking out from under the green fringe.

A trike with a story, lots of stories, to the rear there are long stemmed flowers utilising brolly spines as stems, the shorter flowers, and one could be wrong here, but are they utilising Knitting Needles for the stalks?  but just cast your gaze down in front to the trikes rear wheel, the Cactus and the rock, well they are, rocks that is, yep, bombed rocks!

Scooter and Garden Fork

The harsh Queensland sun faded this brolly along the spines, solution, applique some beautiful ribbon embroidered strips along the spines.

Another brolly, bombed with stripes and a giant pom pom
 When you visit, spot the 'Bull and Horns'..........amazing, it has been created by 'bombing' a bicycle seat and handlebars!

There are piles of the most amazing knitted goodies in the traditional vein, not unlike the lovelies that have previously been seen on this blog,

 along with some wonderful knitted jumpers (known as sweaters elsewhere) about these guys? what fun.

There are also some delightful flat teddy bears, missed that pic but just delightful for a newborn and his slightly elder brother to snuggle into as they drift off to sleep.

There are even some quilts, this one is on loan from a Grandie with the promise by Granny that she will look after it very very carefully.

Mind you, that same Granny is gonna be very busy, she made the same promise to another Grandie who was kind enough to loan this folding 4 room Dolls House. 

Following thru from the Yarn Bombing, the wonderful Yarns and Fibers goodies, and on past the Quilts, an Aladdin's Cave of the most exquisite needlework opens up, the brilliance of this work has to be seen 'in the flesh' to really appreciate it.

Our very own Cottage, with the addition of a Jacaranda tree in Flower

So elegant, Black and Gold work, reminiscent of the current craze of 'Zentangle'

Artists Journal, so so tempting to just have a tinsy peek inside, was good, didn't, (probably because Pam was watching)

Of course, with so many of these works, the framing is an integral part of the over all effect  and really sets the mood.

Some very well known takes from History

Delicate embroidery over silk print.

Ribbon embroidery with the added sparkle of crystals and beads.

Another ribbon Embroidery, was told that some of these ribbons were over the $40. a mtr mark, now honestly, you just have to see them up close to appreciate the subtleties of colour and weave.

And just to prove that exquisite embroidery can have a fun side, how about this wonderful Crazy Patchwork Bear

Last pic for the day, a beautifully dressed porcelain doll...............and yep, there are others

Cannot tell you how wonderful it was to wander around and just appreciate the beauty, to marvel at the tinsy stitches, the amazing vision of so many of the pieces, many more that are not showing here, some just were in the wrong spot for pics.
As one of the gals mentioned, this is the work that is not shown at Fairs, articles made with so much love for family and friends, and especially those treasures created for the pleasure of the creator.

If you are in our neck of the woods this weekend, or even vaguely nearby, pamper yourself, pop over, and just relax and take it all in, and when the need to take a little rest arises, treat yourself to a lovely Devonshire Tea or even a rather yummy Patty Cake.

When:   Saturday 3rd  and  Sunday 4th May
Times:   9a.m. to 3p.m. both days
Where:  The Atrium Gallery  -  Buderim Craft Cottage  -  5 Main St., Buderim
Entry:    Free

Ooooh, and if the weather is fine, keep an eye out for a very special treat outside the Cottage in Main Street.....what you ask, could that be.....well it could be a decorated 4 wheel drive...........not gonna say more than that. Just hope for good weather

Thursday night............

Well, maybe we should be called a debating group rather than a quilting group - lots of interesting topics discussed and some stitching done too.........

Leanne's very pretty hexies............

Fiona had some EPP on the go.

So did Debs.


GTASB - Yola is making progress.

Jane A's pretty diary..........

"ONE DAY" Marlene

clamshells for Denise - GTASB quilt

Hand stitched hexies by Jackie

Denise's GTASB progress

Jenny used her fabric scraps to crochet a mat.

Millions of mini hexies on the go for Jane B.

Jules' pretty kites.

Debs was passing on her amazing crazy to Jenny - an opportunity for a show and tell.

Till next Thursday night!

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