Friday, November 8, 2013

A whole bunch of cutness...

just checking mail and got a flood of cute that was begging to be shared...
now how is this quilt related you may ask.....well this little bundle is going to be a budding quilter, yep, for sure, can just picture her at Mum's Lainey's feet as she zooms those quilts together.
Welcome to the world of qultin' fun little Bea (What else would an apiarists name their new furry friend?)

While on the subject of cuteness, how about this little basket
One of many that will be filled with rocky road for Christmas thank you gifts.

Val, Lainey and Beryl, along with input from Patricia were making decisions on just which blocks will go with which for the charity quilts.

Sue W bought along another one of the Christmas quilts she had made for her Great Nieces.
The lucky gals are all getting a quilt for Christmas!
Sue has had this lovely machine quilted in an allover butterfly design by Esther.

Deanne shared her memory quilt, made a few years back from her Dad's ties, with embroidered stories sprinkled liberally over the wall hanging.
Its all about rush rush rush this morning, hope you enjoy seeing what we have been up to at the Cottage.

Thursday night - just the seven of us!

Sue busy going through the stages of the little bag........................

Jane A worked on her felt circles and cut out two aprons - busy!!

Jenny's little Elna Lotus.............

Jackie's fabrics for her bag...................

Sue's apple core/Winnie the Pooh quilt for her twin granddaughters.

Cute little flat people and pets were on Fiona's to-do list..........

Three little bags made on the night - Marlene, Janice and Jenny.
Thanks Sue for a great "instant gratitude" workshop!
Till next week.

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