Friday, July 12, 2013

2013 Quilt Show - Part 8

Crazy Christmas Stockings
Created by Debby
A few years ago I decided to make five Christmas stockings for each of my family members.  Crazy can take lots of TIME!!  Three years later, only two Christmas stockings have been completed...I'm still unsure if I'm going to start the next three???   The stocking on the left is quite masculine with all of the dark colours and I couldn't complete a lot of crazy on this stocking as the fabrics are too busy.  Let's just see how many I complete before Christmas this year. 
After finishing the black quilt I needed to make a happy Christmas here it is, on the right.  I love the colours and I was able to do a lot more crazy and embroidery on this one because of the white fabrics used.  A lot more playing for me with this stocking.  Thanks Jenny for your patience and inspiration.
Patterns and Sewing Instructor: Jenny
Machine Sewn and Hand Crazy Quilted by Debby.

'Sophie's Delight'
Created by Marguerite
Pattern 'Mayflowers by Joanne Ridley, I changed the pattern slightly and this is the result.
A certain little girl  said "You could give that rug to me", This changed to "I'd like that rug for my Birthday".  So again this quilt found a happy owner.

'Hearts and Flowers'
Created by Sue
Heart p
attern by Caroline Price (Australian Patchwork and Quilting mag.Vol 9 No. 6) and flower design from 'Applique Quilts to Make", All fabrics from my stash, including the pink/white stripe which I've been saving for a special project - this quilt is for our eldest great niece, now 10.
Machine quilted by Esther Strelen

 'Winter's Night'
Created by Janice
A Post and Rail design tutored by June from Thursday evening group.  This quilt started a s a table runner but it grew as I really liked the design.  I am pleased with the end result.  Machine pieced by Janice and Machine quilted by Judy of Furball Farm with an edge to edge design using (Amorphous) gold glide thread.

'Pretty in Pink'
Created by Lyn
Made of some of my scrap fabrics in shades of pink.  The pattern is a variation of  'Square within a Square' and comes from the book 'Rolling Along' by Nancy J. Martin.
Each block uses two fabrics, a light and a dark, placed alternately to give the overall design
Machine pieced and quilted.

'Friends for Tea'
Created by Julie

a closer view of some of Julies embroidery
Design by Red Brolly Designs.
Hand appliqued and quilted
Made for when sewing or gardening friends come over for afternoon tea.

Ema-May's Quilt
Created by Debby
Made for my niece for her Birthday. Stitched by Debby Tutor and Machine Quilted by Letitia.
Debby made this quilt in one month.

20213 Quilt Show - Part 7

'Faceless Girls'
Created by June
Designed by me from a panel of 10 girls.  I cut them up and then I just arranged them as I thought they should go.  I am keeping this one until one of the grandchildren talk me out of it.  Professionally quilted by Judy of Furball Farm Quilting.

'Flower Bed'
Created by Helen
Designed by Bronwyn Hayes.  I embroidered the pieces, machined it together and hand quilted it myself.  I intend to give the quilt to my granddaughter.

'The Kindness of Strangers'
Created by Anne
Machine quilted and pieced by me from fabric donated to our Patchwork Group and cut into jelly rolls by our Secretary Lorraine.  Design is Boxing Day by Nancy J. Martin in her book 'Rolling Along easy quilts from 2.5" strips.

'Black and White All Over'
Created by Jackie
Inspiration came from Bonnie Hunter at  Bonnie has quilters all over the world sewing 'Scrappy Trip Around the World' quilts, it was a fun quilt to make, and it doesn't always finish as 'Trip Around the World'.  I made an alternate choice for my finished quilt.
Completed in March 2013.  Machine stitched by Jackie, Machine quilted by Judy at Furball Farm Quilting.

'Magic Lanterns'
Created by Lorraine
Janice presented this workshop at the Cottage last year.  I loved the lanterns and have made several of them.  This one sits on the sideboard in my dining room.
Machine pieced and quilted by me.

Squares and Circles,
Created by Gwen
One afternoon at the Cottage, someone threw, that's right, THREW these blocks and fabrics at me and said "You can do something with these". So I did!

'Knots and Lace'
Created by Val
The five Candlewick squares are by a very dear friend (who has since passed away)
The border I did myself as well as the quilting.  I put it together with an Heirloom theme in mind - which I think I have achieved, and used a quilt as you go method.

2013 Quilt Show - Part 6

'Venetian Floor'
Created by Gwen
 Designed and made from a combination of photos taken of the floor of St. Marks, Venice.  Machine and hand pieced, Machine appliqued and machine and hand quilted.
I had a sleepless night or two working out how to tackle the border.....'Get some proper templates made..OK! got that.
Now to get the right fabric...Yes! That is exactly right.........Oh no!...Not enough...I'll wait while you try to get more.  Got it a week or two later.  Phew!
Now for the black and white check.  Sorry, No!,  Sorry, no!,   Sorry no!  Oh, at last I see some.  Horrible synthetic taffeta.  It will have to do even though I could hardly bear to touch it.  And it frayed almost away as I was using it (thus necessitating as much oversewing as quilting)'.
However, the worst was to come.
Even though I had, hopefully drawn it up to size it was quite a dyspeptic few days getting the corners in the right place.  Overall it looks the way I wanted it to.

a closer view of the pics Gwen based her amazing quilt on.

'Timothy's Quilt'
Created by Pat
Photo Courtesy of Lorraine
Timothy's Quilt American Cranston Prints used for single bed quilt. Hand pieced and hand quilted.  This quilt was made for my son Timothy (in 1983) who was three at the time and loved to rub or suck the corners of it as he went to sleep, hence the worn corners.  Polyester wadding used as this was all that was available in shops at the time.  Hand made by me

'Happy Days'
Created by Marcia
 This wall hanging reminds me of my happy days quilting with friends so named it happy days.
It is hand embroidered and machine pieced and quilted.It was designed by Bronwyn Hayes

'Indigo Shirt'
Created by Sheila
An original design.  These special fabrics are the result of an indigo dyeing workshop in Nambour, Qld. over 15 years ago.  Sleeve fabric is arashi shibori, where fabric is wrapped around a pole, secured with string, scrunched and dyed.
Back fabric was purchased in Beijing and crafted in northern China.  I like navy clothing!

'Deb's Garden'
Created by Debby

The quilt pattern is actually called 'Leanne's House' but there isn't one house in the pattern so I renamed it!  I changed some of the bigger blocks and I only used scrap pieces out of my scrap box.  My very favourite fabric is the border and I only just had enough to finish it.  If I had to make one more block I would have had to buy more fabric and I didn't want to do that.  It was a challenge finding enough pieces as it was.  This quilt hangs in prime position in my sewing room that I get to see every day.  This is special as I thoroughly enjoyed sewing the quilt. Pattern is 'Leanne's House' by Leanne Beasley.  Machine sewn, hand embroidered and hand quilted by Debby.

'Shifting Gears'
Created by Lyn
Photo Courtesy of Lorraine.
After seeing the pattern in a shop, was impressed with the way the fabrics fitted together, just like gear cogs.  Designed by Daphne Greig and Susan Purney of Patchwork Studio.  Used Give and Take applique.  Machine pieced and quilted.

'Piano Runner'
Created by Sheila
An original design.  I have collected the music fabric but was inspired to make a runner for my daughter's piano when I found the choir fabric.  She enjoys singing and has been in various choirs.  The music charms were a fun finish.
Note:  a combination of situations made this pic difficult, but the lovely fabrics deserved better, hence the collage with closer views of the fabrics, Sheila's runner is in the left of the collage.

'Window Gazing'
Created by Anne
Machine appliqued, pieced and quilted by me from a drawing I did looking out of my dining room window.

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