Thursday, September 15, 2011

Monsters and Jellyfish...

...were just a couple of the goodies to feast our eyes on yesterday, but the 1st cab off the rank in the amusing department was Fran....yep Fran did the morning tea for the Needlework ladies and of course she just had to dress for the part, including a beautiful Tiara that she must have borrowed from a friend in England, it was just so stunningly beautiful, although there was a rumor running around that it was plastic from Cheapie Charlies, but we will just ignore that rumor.

Val created this 'Construction' quilt for her 6 year old Great Grandson for his Birthday.
The roads were Lorraine's idea to make it more authentic.

Another one of Lyn's bed cushions for her Grandies, this is cushion number 5, there is only one little grandie to yet have a birthday and then Lyn will be looking around for another idea for pressies.
Lyn has based all her Birthday cushions on a pattern from Kellie Wulfsohn from 'Don't Look Now'.

Lorraine has been away on 'Retreat' and as she usually does, came home with some lovely creations, this first was designed by Lorraine for a special lass in her life, as Lorraine tells the story..
"Jazmin is my very first Great Niece and I felt all gooey when she was born and made her a luvverly Sunbonnet Sue and friends quilt. It has been well worn and hopefully loved. A couple of weeks ago at another niece’s baby shower she told me her quilt had been lost, along with quite a few other things but that didn’t interest Jazzie, when the family moved back from WA. She asked if I could make her another one.
As she is nine now I thought Sue was a bit young for her so her current passion is the ocean and not wanting to make something as twee as a dolphin I had some left over crystal organza and it instantly shouted jelly fish. Lots of ribbons and silky shiny embroidery thread for quilting and she will soon have her own jellyfish. I know the organza won’t stand up to much wear and tear but, hey, it is for a kid anyway and if it wears out, well I’m happy cos it has been loved.
By the time this one wears out she will be a teenager and something more sophisticated will be needed."
The group project was this great travel bag, of course we are all envious and want to know all about the pattern and where to get our own.
Erk....I was so focused on getting a great pic I chopped of Lorraines head....... sorry Lainey.

Talking of heads, what were Marcia and Marguerite up to? apart from lots of giggling that is
Marguerite was showing Marcia how to crochet her little squares together,
so that they sit nice and flat!

Gwen had some goodies to share with us, firstly a lovely Scots themed table runner, thistles with a tartan border.  Gwen saw a photo in a magazine and just loved the runner, she didn't have a pattern and just 'played it by ear'.
and this smocked coat hanger, which was her show and tell for the Needlework Group.

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