Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mail was waiting for us to-day, from Marguerite, did she send us a pretty view of the countryside? no, a street scape showing the shopping we are missing out on? no, .....we got a lesson on pronunciation! yeah! true!

Hi Marguerite....  big waves from all of us.

Show and Tell today started off with a burst, a star burst..
Lorraine, who, by the way, describes herself as a self taught beginner, has only been quilting for 2 years and has never heard of the quilt police, as such she is absolutely fearless, will tackle anything! and here's the proof
Lorraine with 'Thousand Diamonds'.  A piece of sage advice was given to Lorraine when she first stated she was going to make a Lone Star quilt, and that was to choose your star center fabric very carefully, the eye will immediately travel to the center first, so, not a big print, not too fussy or cluttered and not too light.  Great advice

Marcia has completed the disappearing 9 patch  flimsy she started at the Retreat, and mentioned that she is more a fan of keeping the cut center patch in alignment as opposed to the random twists and turns she used assembling this top

It was then time to share some really beautiful Friendship quilts, some live permanently on beds, some reside in cupboards but are considered treasures and some are still blocks, patted and petted, they bring back memories of quilting friends from our past.
This beauty was sent along by Betty who was not able to be with us today, it lives on Betty's bed, a lovely 3-D applique quilt, it was fun trying to find the cleverly hidden signatures and remembering past and current members.
Fran bought the quilt along for Betty, so of course, had to click another view to show off Fran's handy-work, yep bottom left block, laying so prettily on the table.
Lorraine H bought her Row x Row along to show us, done as a group project last year, there certainly were some astounding quilts made.

Janet's friendship quilt was done with her previous quilting group, before moving to the Sunshine Coast, she and her Darling then spent quite some time sailing on the ocean blue, and for a take along hand project, Janet constructed more blocks and hand pieced and quilted this lovely.
Janet pieced hexagons for the backing, using some of the left over fabrics for a splash of colour.

Lyn had this cute little house panel in her stash, perfect as a center for her round robin friendship quilt, bit hard to see, but those are more little pieced house blocks in the various borders.

Ailsa finished the binding on her Row x Row  at the Retreat,and bought her treasure along to share with us.

Lorraine's friendship flimsy, yep, still a flimsy, and why you ask, well it was made specifically for her waterbed, and just about the time the last stitch went into it, Lorraine and her Darling decided to change beds!!!!!
Lorraine now needs to add about another 2' or even 24" to her quilt and is stumped for ideas.
Got any suggestions?...........Lorraine would be grateful.

Fae showed us her lovely quilt, lots of hand applique, Sunbonnet Sues and 3-D Flowers, Fae had this lovely sitting in her cupboard for quite awhile, until her Grandie decided to take it and hand quilt it for her.
peer closely and you can see some of the beautiful stitching done  on this lovely quilt, again, it was fun trying to find the signatures or initials and remember the gals who had made these blocks.

Dorothy's friendship quilt lives on her spare bed, and has seen thousands of emergency toiletries packed into bags made by various group members to help those who suddenly find themselves homeless.
Dorothy worked the Cottage symbol as the basis for her Friendship Label.

Australian flowers was the theme for Janice's friendship quilt, the red bottle brush (bottom row, center) was stitched by a Japanese lass who created tiny tassels to form the red brush.

Jackie has a novel Friendship quilt, its a project bag, with her name embroidered onto the front
The bag was a treasure trove of Friendship blocks and even a little wall hanging, although not assembled they still give Jackie pleasure to go through and remember the gals from past groups.

Beryl had a number of Friendship quilts from various groups, a beautifully vibrant sashed 9-patch, 
This lovely round robin with some special memories.
and this little wall hanging, made over the Christmas break with a group of friends.  Proving not all Friendship quilts have to be large.

Marie bought along another one of her show winning quilts, this one with machine embroidered animals and lovely textured blocks.
A closer view of two of Marie's animals with some of the unusual crinkly textured blocks,
And this is how Marie achieved the texture, a product called 'Shrinking Sheet', you can see some of the quilt underneath and a test piece of fabric that Marie bought in to show us on the right.

Lorraine was wanting to finish the binding on this Linus quilt, to hand it in at the next Project Linus Meeting.
Closer view of the simple alternating1 patch / 4patch design that Lorraine has used. These quilts give great comfort to the children in hospital, going with them to and from treatments.
Sadly, we are told that 2 out of 3 children suffering from Cancer in hospital are boys, the same goes for Autistic children in hospital, hence Lorraine making mostly quilts in boy friendly designs and colours.

The Sunshine Coast chapter of Project Linus is newly formed, and meets at the Patchwork Angel in Forest Glen on the first Monday of the month.  Pretty easy to find the Angel, it is housed in an old church painted a nice cheery yellow, situated on the main street of Forest Glen.

Judie Bellingham, well known quilter, tutor and Quilting Editor for Bella Online, has a huge stash of everything needed to make these quilts, lots of lovely fabrics to choose from and the wadding used is a double sided fusable, so no pinning of quilt sandwiches.  You don't have to be a quilter or even a sewer to be involved in this worthwhile project, there are plenty of other jobs on offer and of course, you get to meet some lovely ladies.

Here is a sneak peek of a quilt being worked on, its a secret so can't tell you who but aren't the fabrics lovely?, all the animals dressed and ready to board Noah's Ark.

Arvo Tea was the usual wonderful, delish tinsy little sangers, but instead of being late for the plate, I was early! yep those two plates were filled with biccies and there was a lovely moist ginger cake being sliced off to the side.  Major yummo.

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