Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2013 Quilt Show - Part 3

'Baltimore Revisited'
Created by Sue
Block patterns include those by Dianne Johnston (who introduced me to applique some years ago), Jeana Kimball and Jane Townswick, some favourite designs from an earlier quilt and new ones which appealed.
Techniques are  needleturn, reverse applique and vliesofix/buttonhole, all by hand
Machine quilted by Esther Strelen and hand quilting by me.

'Teddybears Picnic'
Created by Judith
This wall hanging was made in 2012 as the Challenge for "Birds of a Feather" the group I belong to in Brisbane.  The brief was to interpret a song title and I chose 'Teddy Bears's Picnic' after much deliberation.  Once the decision was made I enjoyed collecting the fabrics and the designing process.
Then I pieced, appliqued, embroidered, embellished with buttons and shaded with colour pencils before quilting and finishing the wall hanging.

'Girls Night Out'
Created by Sue
Designs by Teddlywinks, Victoria.
Hand buttonhole using Vliesofix, Machine quilted by Esther Strelen.
For our granddaughter.

'Turkish Delight'
Created by Marcia.
A small group from the Patchwork Group decided to do this delightful quilt when on of the 'girls' saw it in a quilt magazine last year.  It was called 'May Flowers' and designed by Joanne Ridley, however we have decided to call ours --- Delight, hence mine is 'Turkish Delight' for the luscious pink fabric used for the borders.
I used one jelly roll plus extra fabric to enlare it to a queen size quilt.
I pieced the quilt top and appliqued daisies by machine and had it machine quilted by Carmen Brown.
It was a fun quilt to do.

'Our Fist Grandchild's Quilt'
Created by Chris
Inspired by a Natalie Ross quilt, 'Going Bananas' made for our first grandchild who lives in the Tropics, I used the inspiration to make this wall hanging.
I made it shorter, changed the tree, got rid of one monkey and added more bananas using lighter coloured fabrics, machine pieced and quilted but with hand sewn applique.
Its the fastest I've ever completeda anything, proving a time limit helps to inspire!!  Baby Oscar was born a little early so I raced up North with just the binding to complete.  New Mum decided to use it as a play mat, and since then it has been used by 12 other babies when Mothers' Group is held at her house.  It's already been washed several times in the machine.

'Disappearing Nine Patch'
Created by Janice
I love these soft colours and have made several qults in this design.  Machine pieced and quilted by Judy of Furball Farm Quilting. Bamboo batting

A closer view of some of Janice's fabrics and the lovely quilting.

2013 Quilt Show - Part 2

'Jacobs Delight'
Created by Marguerite
A few of we girls decided again to all make the same quilt.  (Mayflowers by Joanne Ridley, featured in one of the patchwork magazines in our library). 
Mine is made completely from pre cut strips in the sash!
On completion it just reminded me of 'Jacob's Coat of Many Colours', hence 'Jacob's Delight'.
The quilt has been professionally quilted by Carmel Brown.

'Colourful Squares'
created by Chris

A couple of years ago I was inspired to make this quilt using the bright Kaffe Fassett fabrics after seeing a similar one in Kimz Sewing and Patchwork store.
The ladies there got me started with the initial cutting and planning using colours of my choice and then I went on to complete it at home.  All machine pieced.
After sitting untouched for many months, I eventually had it quilted by Quilting Fairy
I love the beautiful vibrant colours that brighten our spare room.

'Quick and Curvey'
Created by Susan
This was made for my daughter Nicola for her 26th Birthday this year.  Nicola chose the fabric with some help from me.
On walking into the shop my daughter looked around and said "This is an old ladies shop"
As you can tell by her comment she is not a patch worker but she loves the end result of the quilt
The quilt design is by Liz Kerr and was a class taught at the Patchwork Angel, it was quilted by Fiona Bell Quilting Fairy.

'Tripping with a little help from my friends'
Created by Jane
The Thursday night girls were inspired by Bonnie Hunter of 'Quiltville's" scrappy trip around the world.

'Southern Comfort'
Created by Helen
I was inspired to make the quilt by first buying a layer cake (just because I liked it), as you do.  Later saw the pattern and it went from there.
I machine pieced the quilt myself and had it quilted by the Quilting Fairy.
The quilt was then given to my daughter and her husband as a gift.

Created by Ailsa
I purchased this in kit form a few years ago.  The pattern is an original design by Colleen, Julie and Kath from Angels in Disguise, Eumundi, Qld. Circa 2008 and produced in Australia.
I wanted some handwork to tae to patchwork group so I did this over some time, put them away for a few months before I put the top together.
Then it spent some more time away again before I recently did the watercolour pencil colouring and then machine finished the wall hanging.
It will be for my first great grandchild whenever that happen.

2013 Quilt Show -Part 1

'Love and Lace'
Created by Sheila

Original design inspired by the book "Smashing Sets' by Margaret J. Miller.
Made in 2012 for my 13 year old granddaughter who likes purple.
Fabrics mostly from my stash with a centre panel of Nottingham lace (a gift from 17 years ago) in memory of time my granddaughter spent in London.
Double T blocks are for her parents surname initals and hearts are for love.
Quilt is machine pieced and machine quilted on my domestic sewing machine, featuring a decorative heart stitch.

'Just Use the Stash'
Created by Beryl
Made in a workshop with Lynn Hewitt at SC&C Quilters Guild workshops at Cobargo, NSW in 2009.
Finally finished in 2012.  I didn't want the journey to end.
Pieced and quilted by self.

 'Hidden Triangles'
Created by Innes
A Lisa Walton design featured in Quilters Companion #20 vol 5.4 using fabrics from Lisa's outlet 'Dyed and Gone to Heaven'.
Machine quilted by Robyn Mchardie

'Elephant Walk'
Created by Marie
This is one of those fabrics that you take out and look at it and then put it away again, not sure how to use it.  I ended up designing this quilt.  I felt it as an exotic fabric so I embroidered the beautiful elephants to tone with the fabric.  The elephant is a machine embroidery design from Sue Box.  I have quilted it on my domestic sewing machine

'Beyond Art Deco Glass'
Created by Pat
a closer view of some of Pat's quilting
A love of art deco design and architecture led me to visit the Musee des Annees 30 in Boulogne Billancourt, Paris during a recent holiday in Europe.  The wonderful display of furniture was breathtaking.  A bedroom screen, four panels in all, took my eye.  Very simple in black and brown timber with the most strikingly beautiful glass inserts of various shapes, sizes and designs.  This quilt is my interpretation of one panel of this screen.l  I have used white or cream tone on tone fabric to replicate the glass panels.  Quilting was completed on my domestic sewing machine using a shimmering polyester thread to give the impression of the various patterns used on glass during this period of design.  The original art deco screen, made in 1930, was made by Master Glassmakers Louis Barillet (1800-1948) and Jacques Le Chevallier (1896-1987)

'Teddybear Tea Party'
created by Julie
By Teddlywinks.
A kit bought on a Quilters Trail trip a few years ago.
Now made up for my grand-niece together with a quilt for her doll's cot.
Quilted by Quilting Fairy

'Spinning Tops'
Created by Marcia
 This happy quilt was started at a workshop given by one of our group members, June/
It started as a lap quilt but just kept growing because I loved working with all the bright colours from my 'stash'.
I machined pieced the quilt top and had it machine quilted by Carmen Brown.
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