Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fran's Christmas Lunch

Fran missed the Patchwork Christmas Lunch again this year, one of the drawbacks to being such a busy and popular Lady, so she gathered up a group of us and off we trotted to the Buderim Tavern for a lovely lunch.

Wendy spent some time creating - well, untangling the loop- on this delightful bauble to replace one of Fran's earrings that had dropped off between home and the Tavern - she had a cute little christmas tree on the other side.

Unfortunately (or for the views, fortunately) we were seated by the windows, with the sunshine and light streaming in, it was delightful for the luncheon but a disaster for the piccies..........however, a couple are retreivable, luckily this one of Heather showing us all the wonderful prizes that she received when "Blue and Gold Baltimore Beauty" won at the Queensland Quilt Show (just scroll down to section 7 if you need a reminder of how beautiful that quilt is)

Heather got some beautiful fabric from Dayview Textiles and of course there was a lot of chatter and thought on just what pattern could be used for this wonderful range of colours.

Marcia rather coyly mentioned that she has discovered a new and interesting quilt block, she then offered to teach it to anyone interested at the Cottage next year............gosh that sounds so far away, but its just a couple of weeks actually.  (eeekkk, another year bites the dust).

Problem is, Heather will not be with us for the first half of next year, nope, off again, this time to Perth for 6 months.  She and the Darling will be living the life of Riley in a 10th floor apartment overlooking the Swan River, beautiful, beautiful views across the wide expanse of green to the river.  The sad part of all this for Heather (sad for us is no Heather for 6 months.......sigh & sob) but for Heather, there is a decision to be made, take her machine or buy a new one over there?! Yeah, real sad decision that!

Heather also won a quilting voucher from Tricia Simpson of 'Cut From The Same Cloth' in Mango Hill.  Tricia can be contacted on 07 3886 4993 or email her  triciags2000 (at) yahoo (dot) com (dot) au.
Tricia has also offered a discount to you if you mention the connection, how very kind and giving of her.

So eventually, after lots of chatter and giggles, the girls went off to order, leaving the hubbies behind to chat about travel and motor mechanics..........well that's what I overheard when returning to the table

And this is a glimpse of what was ordered..........Yum, missed the Wagayu Burger, they were enormous, and delicious.........he he he.

Then more chatter and merriement

and so off home, clutching goodies of beautiful machine embroidered pin cushions, ta Wendy, and a barrel of Fran's beautiful biccies,...........which the Grandies discoverd in no time flat the next day and tucked in with a will.

An update on Totally Patchwork in Palmwoods,  not there anymore..........nope packed up and moved to Gympie............
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