Sunday, February 22, 2015

Workshops - Notions and Easter Egg Bags

Next step on the organisational agenda for our upcoming Biennial Quilt show (just over 3 months away - deep breaths everyone) is the creation of 700 notions, you know, those little gifts that are handed to attendees. Betty is in charge of prodding us into action and presented a workshop on Wednesday on the best way to uniformly create these little somethings.
As you can see, everyone had a ball.  Betty's Mum, Inge was helping Christine, the real Christine that is, not the red headed Christine/Michelle, with an ever ready digit for strategic placement.

Courtney is back working on her cross stitch of show ponies, wondering if she is using it for a quilt medallion or cushion, or perhaps will frame it - time will tell

Yola, one of the regular Thursday night gals visited with us on Wednesday, she bought along some very cute Show and Tell.
Firstly, the little Easter egg collection bags will be for sale on the Novelties table at our Easter Fair.  The pattern is from Ayumi over at her blog Pink Penguin.  Jenny has a link to the bag tutorial and a pic of some more of the bags in her post, just scroll down.
Yola also bought along a brood/cheep of chickens in all sizes.  A workshop was presented last Thursday night on creating these cuties and they will also be for sale at the Easter Fair. 

Lyn had some Show and Tell, but not in the flesh so to speak, these goodies were made as gifts for her family who visited from overseas at Christmas, and of course they took them home with them, but it's all good, we have pics thank you. 
Her Grandson requested a new Quillo, he has grown somewhat since Lyn made his first one, and because they are currently living overseas Lyn chose a very Australian theme.
Lyn's daughter also sent an S.O.S. asking Lyn to make her another laptop bag as the last one wore out!
Just the thing for a music lover.
And of course, a new lap quilt was a must for her Daughter.  Created in a similar vein to the yellow and blue quilt Lyn made last year, but using red this time round.
Lyn also had this darling music box to share with us, the needle goes up and down, the cotton turns and the foot plate also goes up and down.
 A lovely Christmas Pressy.

Julie shared this charity quilt with us, made with fabric donated to the Palmwoods patchwork group of which she is also a member.
The quilt was machine quilted by another Palmwoods group member who does a lot of the groups charity quilting using her longarm quilter.
The blocks are reminiscent of  'Hope of Hartford' in their construction, using logs instead of H.S.T's.

All that girlish giggling was a bit catching, Wendy and Marcia went all 'Princess' showing off their Show and Tell,
Wendy found this W.I.P in a cupboard and decided the time had come to finish it off.  Originally started a wee while back when Gwen presented classes on drafting patterns and hand piecing blocks
Wendy mentioned it's funny how our tastes change, there was a time when more than one group member was influenced by the pink and purple craze. Brights are more the go at the moment.

Marcia did the whole 'Ta Da' thing presenting her show and tell.  Using the strip pieced Q.A.Y.G method to create a lovely quilt for a young family member's birthday.
 All in all, a day of fun, frivolity and yep, cake.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday night...............

We got busy making these little fabric baskets from this lovely site Ayumi has a beautiful site where she generously shares patterns and tutorials.

We did the correct thing and made sure that Ayumi was credited for the pattern.

A bunch of very pretty fabric baskets.

Too, too cute.

For those brave enough to venture out tonight - funky chickens are on the agenda!! SO bring your sewing machines etc.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Some great creations

Look what Marie created!
Her fab. version of Neroli Hendersons 'Cherry Blossom'.  Marie, pulled her little quilt over a painters canvas for ease of hanging, what a great idea!
There was a great deal of excitement when the latest edition of Embellish hit the stands (Edition 20 if you want to get your own copy - I got mine from Punch with Judy
There is an entire workshop from Neroli,  step by step pics and great instructions on one of her workshops.
We have the opportunity to do 3 other workshops with Neroli in the upcoming Buderim Craft Cottage Winter School all using different techniques.

Deanne is also in experimental phase, experimenting with sun reactive dyes,  using weeds with their root systems intact (top right), leaves, bits of plants and scrunching.  she has some great background pieces.

Lainey has also been busy, commissioned to create 2 bags, slightly different sizes, both purpose built for two young lassies
Becoming impatient with having to once again clean off her light box before use, she created this cover, with pockets to store cables and suchlike.
Becoming a Great Aunty once again, Lainey is creating a rather cute alphabet quilt for the lucky littlie.

Wendy has completed her version of 'Leannes House'.  Several of the group have been working on the same pattern, the object being to display how an individuals choice of colours and even minor changes creates an entirely different look.  Keep an eye out for the different quilts in our up coming Quilt Show and Sale over the July 10th - 12th Friday and weekend
a closer look at some of Wendy's blocks.
Fae has completed another lovely quilt, 2.5" squares, stacked and sashed.

Someone didn't want to fess up to crocheting at patchwork so.....a 'secret squirrel' pic of what promises to be a lovely face washer, could it be for the new Grandie?

Marcia, working on those 1/2" hexies of hers.
Don't they look delish?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday night...........

Marlene was busy finishing off the Dutch window dressing that she is making as a gift for a friend - lovely addition of windmills and all things Dutch in the backing fabric.

Sheila bought in her quilt to show us all.

Jules has started a new EPP project using up all her scraps.

Fiona was doing a spot of binding for a customer.

Jane B was adding the finishing touches to her daughter's wedding sampler.

Sue had found a UFO lurking in her cupboard.

Debby and Letitia were also binding a quilt.

This is the quilt - all nicely machine quilted by Letitia.

Jackie made this quilt for STEMM.

Sheila was busy, busy with the "notions" for the upcoming quilt show.

Michelle, our newest recruit - some hand sewing for her.

Hand stitching by Jenny.

Yola - multitasking - reading and stitching.

That's us !!!!!!

Till next week.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thursday night and Fiona's magnificent hexagon quilt............

So, there we were, happily working on our own masterpieces (or so we thought) until Fiona (Quilting Fairy) bought out this magnificent quilt ...................

It's well, its beautiful................

And Fiona is very happy to have finished it..........

.....................and so she should be.

Jules used up some fat quarters to make this quilt, which she then machine quilted - a first for her.


Jules also spent the evening removing the papers from her kite quilt.

Leanne's hexies

Deb's used 1/2" papers............................

Fiona's WIP.

Marlene made this table runner as a gift...........

..........lovely backing fabric with windmills etc.

Yola's WIP ........

A nice surprise - Michelle graced us with her presence - her fabric as bright as her personality.

Jackie's hand pieced hexagons.


And one more look at Fiona's quilt.

Till next Thursday night.
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