For Sale Quilts

A number of quilts were displayed as 'For Sale'. Some sold, some did not. If any of the quilts featured in the 2019 Exhibition photos tugs at your heartstrings, contact our group at the fatquarter news e-mail address at the top of the blog and we will get back to you, you can also contact us through the Buderim Craft Cottage, contact details are on the site or you can leave a message in the blog comments.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Our wanderer has arrived safely... do we know?
Yep we have some fantastic quilted eye candy from Patchwork Europe for us to drool over.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Hexies on Thursday...

...along with one of the lovely friendship blocks the Thursday night gals are creating for each other.
Sheila shared pics of the Thursday night gals for us to enjoy. Thanks Sheila

Debbie preparing her friendship quilt block ready to give to group

Fiona with her gorgeous bag. She rarely makes bags!

Jules joining her large hexies.

Quilt Raffle Donation and Free Motion Quilting, it's all about practice...

Our group has always been involved in supporting various charities, not only in the making and distribution of quilts but also by raising funds, one way we do this is by creating and raffling two quilts at our biennial Quilt Exhibition. This last Quilt Show our group decided to support the work done by the Foote Sanctuary volunteers in the wonderful work they do to keep the Sanctuary so well maintained.
Last week Sheila proudly presented a cheque for $1500.00 to Foote Sanctuary volunteers David and Marie.
This week, we got a lovely thank you from the Foot Sanctuary folks as below:

"On behalf of the members of The Foote Sanctuary, I would like to express our sincere thanks for the donation of $1,500 from the proceeds of your recent quilt raffle.

We are a small but dedicated group working on a regular basis for more than 50 years to re-create and maintain the kind of forest which existed on Buderim Mountain before European settlers, and we are conscious of the role we play in providing a natural forest retreat in the midst of what is now a largely residential community.

We intend to spend the money publishing a Weed Identification booklet for the Sanctuary, to help new volunteers in their weeding work. We will also put some funds towards a rain water conservation project"

It's always great when you know what your hard work actually achieves, if you haven't yet been a Foote Sanctuary visitor, give yourself a treat and toddle along, its a great Buderim facility.

Marion has mentioned from time to time that she has been practicing her Free Motion Quilting, we got to see her latest efforts this week
These lovely roses on her 'scrappy'

There were two other scrappy quilts, this almost finished cutie from Sue.
and a flimsey destined for the Charity Quilt stockpile

Last week Jan shared her very first quilt with us, made for a special little lassie in her life.
Jan chose a lovely scatter spot fabric for the backing,
This week, off and running on quilt number 2, also for one of those special littlies in our lives.

Getting into the swing of being a real quilter, you know, why do one project when you can do multiples, Jan also worked on finishing the trivet she started from the workshop Jackie presented a couple of weeks ago.

Sheila created this lovely baby quilt using a selection of 'orphan' blocks to build the quilt around, a gift for her expectant hairdresser.

Di, who was a member of our group about 15 years ago, has recently returned to the Sunshine Coast and re-joined our group, she bought along a beautiful Redwork quilt started some time ago as her 'bring along project'

Sue has been creating perfect little circles in varying sizes for quite awhile now, sometimes completing as many as two circles on a Wednesday, not every Wednesday mind, just some, bring along projects are not to be rushed you know!
Anyhooo, Sue has now progressed to considering the layout along with the possibility of expanding her creation into a triptych
Whatever the decision, you know it will be pretty, how could it not with that lovely lime background.

Sue also created another of her wonderful 4 patch kaleidoscope quilts, spotting a panel that really didn't float her boat but with nice colours, Sue snaffled 4 of them.
and created this darling!
Sue used a shell motif fabric for the backing and machine quilted with gently flowing lines, so of course she named her quilt 'Picnic at the Beach'
If you feel up to creating your own quilt Connecting Threads has a tutorial

Sheila has organised a holder for all of our rotary cutters, the chenille cutter and spare blades, its new home is in the drawer with our cutting mats and rulers,see that pretty aqua bag/holder there on the right, yep that's the one, no more searching!

Friday, August 16, 2019

Cake and Candles = Birthday

Sheila visited the Thursday nighters and shared some quilting candy and a Birthday Pic. Thanks Sheila

Celebrating special lady Karen’s birthday. She works so hard as secretary of Patchwork & secretary of Craft Cottage.

Michelle’s friendship quilt is in progress

Ratna with amazing shasiko

Enjoy gals, Thanks Sheila

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

They're back... spades, yep Hexies were everywhere on show today,
Karen was slicing around a template, well when she wasn't chatting that is, she told us of a little project she has under wraps using 1/4" hexies!! Ankie reckoned that Hexies that small should be glued down, just for security like, a few nods of agreement on that one!

Jackie presented a workshop on these little beauties,Somerset Patchwork Trivets.
They are an oldie but a goodie, Buderim Patchwork gals had a workshop on these a few years back, there were quite a few offered for sale at the Christmas Fair, and yep, snaffled a few, they are fantastic for the table.
This is Sheila's from that earlier workshop
Joy has her pattern well on the way.

Marlene spotted this panel at a Quilt Show and just had to have it, those eyes are captivating, Marlene isn't sure if he is giving her the 'come hither' look or the 'Hmm, a snack' look. He really is a beautiful boy.

Pat is has been a busy gal, 3 flimseies bought along for Lorraine I. to practice her long arm quilting and turn these charmers into lovely quilts for our Charity Quilt Stash.

Sue W. was spied stitching these lovelies, can't wait to see what she turns them into.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Gotta love the mojo...we have it in abundance

Before we get on to the mojo of this group of talented gals, a bit of a giggle from Pat, she snapped a pic in the tea room at the quilt exhibition, turned around and had to snap another pic.
As Pat shared, Twins
Then Triplets
Thanks for the giggle Pat. Gotta love input from members.

We are having a wee tad of a drive to stockpile some Charity - or Community - quilts.
Wendy had a couple to share
4 quilts! truly! 4 from Wendy, if someone is keeping tally, well guess who would probably win.

Sheila showed her version of a Chinese Coin scrappy quilt. Where she had some donated pieces that were not quite wide enough, she sashed 'em. Cool idea.
Second row, midway down.

Sheila also showed a W.I.P. from Marcia, scrappy squares with a difference.
Our group has purchased wadding for the charity quilts and Lorraine I, (who lashed out and snaffled herself a long arm quilting machine, yeah, a Gammill, and.....and she has the room in her quilting shed to set up and use it) has offered to quilt all of the charity quilts! WIN! WIN!, we can churn those suckers out and Lorraine will practice to her hearts content.

Karen made the most of the recent Craft Cottage Winter School with a class by renowned Sunshine Coast 'artist with a needle' Jenny Clouston, the master class was to create a "whimsical embroidered textile collage using snippets of lace,linnens and doilies" - Karen nailed it with her piece.

While at the winter school, Karen shared her current love with Margaret, another class member. Margaret was entranced and joined us at the Cottage for an impromptu lesson from Karen in what I'm convinced Karen described as 'Chicka Chicka'
Just read those lips...chicka chicka...yeah!?
well whatever its name is Margaret is having a ball creating what promises to be a lovely piece.

So back to this Chika Chicka thing, a net search to check the spelling coughed up lots of links to Chika Chika boom boom - wasn't going there I'm telling you, as well as lots of Chika Chika bum bum - links to baby nappies apparently.
Did unearth this great youtube video on a Japanes boro loop bag, looks like what Karen was creating.
Reckon a workshop needs to be on the horizon - if only for the spelling.

Yvonne tore in for a fast visit, just had to share this fantastic work book, each circle was fussy cut, Yvonne also has two folded semi-circular 'booklets' inside the front flap of her work book, one for pins, the other needles, fab little something to take along on a trip just to create tiny little things while relaxing, watching the scenery pass by and perhaps even enjoying a little glass of wine.

Last eye candy for the day, Marie shared her fabric collage bunny with butterflies. a total delight to look over, discover the little secrets hiding in the collage.
Marie shared that her original creation was on a cream background, which she decided she wasn't in love with, she snipped bunny from the quilted background and appliqued him along with some extra butterflies onto the much more acceptable striped background, the result is a bunny in relief.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Thursday night Gals

Marlene shot me off this delightful pic of the 3 Quilt Show winners, taken together at the Thursday night meeting. Thank you so much Marlene, its great to get some input from this arm of our patchwork group.
The three viewers choice winners of our 2019 Quilt Exhibition
as they stand, left to right.
Fiona, 2nd Prize winner with her intricately hand pieced 'Sally Park'
Pam, 1st Prize winner with her beautifull playful pinwheel beauty 'Black Opal'
Michelle, 3rd Prize winner with her medallion style quilt using a Gustav Klimt panel 'The Kiss'

Congratulations again gals, I'm sure you will all enjoy a trip to the Patchwork Angel to spend your vouchers, (if you haven't already), and just 'cause I know we are all short on that valuable thing, time, here once again for your enjoyment are the 3 beauties.

1st Prize winner, Pam's 'Black Opal'

2nd Prize winner, Fiona's 'Sally Park'

3rd Prize winner, Michelle's 'The Kiss'

Thank you once again Penny and Kim for your voucher donations, great prizes for quilters.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Quilt Exhibition Winners and our Lyn Ballinger Luncheon

Gosh, where to start?
It was an exciting gathering today, so many winners to be announced, so many gals to be awarded one of Sheilas 'gold star awards' and all that rather delish food to be fanged into!

Found this trio looking rather pleased with the way everything was unfolding, they claimed no knowledge of the luncheon set up, fibbers....
Mind you, they may be the 'overlords' but there were lots of helpers for all of the various jobs that make a self catered affair run like clockwork, Jan and Sherrye got an early morning call to set the tables, did a great job too as you can see, then of course there were the gals who cleared the tables and lastly, the bit no one likes doing, the big clean up!

So many happy faces, all chattering away and catching up... well meeting last week because of the Winter School, so... withdrawals...
and don't be worrying about those empty seats, late comers...still everyone made it in time to enjoy the feast.

The Lyn Ballinger Challenge this year was to make anything at all, 2 D or 3D, but no larger than 40cm using recycled denim, (courtesy of Sheila's op shop) and one other fabric, and by way of a change, we got to keep our creations instead of donating them.
What an amazing array of entries we had.

The Challenge winners, voted for by our quilt exhibition visitors are:

First Place Sandy King with her darling pearl wearing roo. # 14 in the pic.
Sandy was presented with her $50 voucher donated by Kim of Kimz Sewing and Patchwork Center

Second Place went to Lorraine Irvine for her rather snazzy handbag, #1 in the pic above. Lorraine was happy to receive her voucher donated by Kim of Kimz Sewing and Patchwork Center

Third Place went to Yolanda for her cathederal windows cushion. #4 in the pic above (bottom right). Yolanda also received a voucher donated to our group by Kim of Kimz Sewing and Patchwork Center.

As winner of the Lyn Ballinger Challenge Sandy also holds the perpetual trophy of a lovely quilt stand.

It was a difficult choice for visitors this year voting for the quilt of their choice. First Place winner is awarded the perpetual trophy of a quilting hoop, donated in honour of past member Janet Smith by a 'friends' group of members who gathered for some extra stitchin' time.

First Prize winner Pam Stewart with her amazing quilt, Black Opal
Pam, a recent member to our group was thrilled to win and receive her $50 voucher donated by Penny of Patchwork Angel

2nd Place winner is Fiona Bell with Sally Park. Fiona will receive a gift voucher donated by Penny of Patchwork Angel

3rd Place winner is Michelle McGrath with her golden quilt based on Gustave Klint's 'The Kiss'. Michell, who is busy doing all things 'new grandbaby' a.t.m. will no doubt be thrilled to zing on down to the Angel to spend her voucher, courtsey of Penny, when she finally drops back to Buderim Earth.

4th Place winner is Sandy King with her lovely needle turned quilt, 'Burst of Colour'

5th Place winner is Janice Souter with her quilt Lone Star

6th Place winner is Beryl Darby with her delightful assembly of doilies and pastel fabrics, 'Doily Memories'

While chatting to Sheila the dawn came with a bit of a clunk, those amazing and graceful young ladies who delt with counting out the votes of both the Lyn Ballinger Challenge and Best of Show Quilts have been doing the same job for us for years, since they were just primary schoolers, always visiting their Gran on Quilt Show weekend to help out, this year, Allison counted, Zoe cooked dinner for them all. Well done ladies.

And back on the home front....there was dessert...
and to top it off Coffee and Chocolates.
'cause, after dessert you have just gotta have chocolates...

And just before we all got too complacent, the Energiser Bunny (thanks Wendy, spot on description) and fellow overlords sprung a surprise on Sheila, not knowing if Sheila was a choccies or a flowers gal, they covered all bases and presented Sheila with both, with all of our thanks, for being such a tireless group leader and having guided us through one more Quilt Exhibition.

A heartfelt big Thank You to all the gals involved in making today run so smoothly and deliciously and those stalwalt souls who at the end of the day just dug in and did the cleanup.

Couple of things to finish off the post, first a wholehearted appology to Jackie Swan, she had a really terrific quilt in our quilt show, a hand stitched labour of love following a Jen Kingwell pattern. My first pic was well...unsatisfactory, so I decided to get another pic on my next little duty stint, you can see whats coming can't you? I forgot. No excuses, just forgot. So hoping Jackie can either send pic or bring quilt to cottage. Here's hoping...its a great quilt.

Jackie came through, here is her pic of her lovely quilt
Diamonds Forever
Jackie Swan
'This quilt is made from a Jen Kingwell pattern and who does not love Jen! The shapes are interesting. I hand Stitched the quilt. It was a real labour of love.
Quilted by Fiona - the Quilting Fairy

Now about those hard to win 'gold stars' from Sheila, they are usually a star on a fabric background, given to those who put in an extra effort, such as the extra effort for our Quilt Exhibiton.
Those who got a gold star today
The 'Set Up Team'
Sue (2) - created 2nd prize quilt as well as set up
Pat (2) - machine quilted a prize quit as well as set up

Others for various jobs
Karen Daniels
Marie Made 1st Prize quilt

Karen Doyle

Our Quilt exhibition was bady affected by the awful rainy weather, visitor numbers were down, however, our quilt sales were up...yeah a real up not a 'feels like' up, but a cold hard dollars up, our tea room takings were up, so frankly, we are all feeling pretty darned pleased. Hope you have enjoyed the journey through our quilts, our tea room and our celebratory Challenge Luncheon.

Next Post....
getting on to more of our push to create Charity Quilts for those in need..
There was a great start to our group charity quilt push a couple of weeks ago... just look at the concentration and busy-ness of these gals
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