Monday, November 4, 2019

More buttons than you can poke a stick at...

...really, miles of them.
Pam, from the Cottage Needlework group was coerced errahhmm.. asked very nicely to present a button necklace workshop to Patchwork group. Pam bought along just a few of her buttons, just in case anyone was missing that perfect button to complete their design.
That lovely plant was a Thank You from our group to Pam.

It was a fantastic workshop, lots of choosing of buttons and working on design layouts.

We even had young Alison along to give it a go,
Alison has been staying with Gran (Sheila) for a few days, and I guess from the lovely smile, she is rightly pleased with her necklace.
There were some lovely and innovative designs. Just a few here for you.

Marlene was one stoked lady, she popped into the local op-shop looking for a kiddies book and came away with this treasure, created entirely with stitched hexagons, both sides as well as the bottom.
Not only every hexagon with a pretty stitchery, but the bag is also lined and has cute little button feet. Marlene couldn't believe her luck at only a few dollars, she thinks she will be using this lovely for quite some time before re-donating it to the same op-shop.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Charity Quilts, Challenges and more

We have some lovely quilts and history to share thanks to Sheila for her pics and words.

Now we all know how Sheila is not exactly fond of matching seams, in fact she actively avoids any quilt that needs them, so we were all rather admiring of her latest charity quilt flimsey, lots and lots of matching seams, Sheila even confessed that she had made sure of matching the seams by....yep....pinning them!!!

Jackie also had a community quilt flimsey to share,

Jan was busily finishing the binding on her second quilt, destined for a grandie.

and now from Sheila, with Thanks.

Marie’s shirt says it all !

Gens Quilt which was shown in Yokohama Quilt Show She did Centre & others, some from Japan & Australia did the surrounding sections

Gwen’s challenge to herself. ‘ Not one straight line ‘ ?

Marie’s UFO. She can’t remember how she did this pattern . Spectacular result!

Previous winners. A history of challenge was given starting with ‘ Rainforest Challenge ‘in 2001.



Karen W


Friday, September 27, 2019

New Projects and bag instructions

Firstly a bit of news about Lainey, she is mending, still only one armed but hopeful of starting rehabilitation on her wing soon, she is no longer a startling technicolour with only a little brusing still visible. Lots of well wishes from all your sewing mates Lainey and hope to see you soon, if only for a cuppa and a chat.

Almost everyone was busy, busy at the Cottage on Wednesday, either researching new projects,
working on existing,
discussing pros and cons of designs,

Marie and Margaret were both heads down and busy, busy, Marie is starting on a new lot of hexies, got the box all ready to fill.

Val was stitching a panel, one of four that will make a lovely quilt
Val plans on taking a break from the Cottage for a bit, she will be sorely missed and we all wish her well.

Jackie was binding a lovely table runner, er, mat for under her sewing machine, it started its life out as a different project entirely and no, not a runner, could have been a bag? but it is going to be a terrific machine mat.

Karen, at Margs insistence shared her finished table runner, really had to do some arm twisting as you can guess.
Summer side
and flip over for the Winter side.
Karen reckons the Spring/Autum one is 'in the wash', guess that's one way of saying it.

Then there were those who were just urm...enjoying the ambience,
Really have to admire Sue, she is rather adept at making a 'take along' stitching project last, got everything out but not a needle in sight, and if she isn't careful she is going to loose that poor little circle that is half way across the table there, so of course another one will have to be created, could take ages...
Of course when she gets on that mighty machine of hers its go, go, go.

The panels we are creating for the local chapter of Days for Girls carry bags have certain requirements regarding seams and seam placement.
The size is to be raw edge finished 13" wide by 32" long and can be made up in a variety of ways. (Yep - the original size asked for was a little larger, but that would mean Sue would have to cut them all down before overlocking the edges.

Sue has made up samples for us to follow.

Firstly, NO BOTTOM SEAMS, that is, on the fold line at the bottom of the bag or in other words the middle of the created fabric length.

also there needs to be at least 3" depth of fabric on each end of the created length to allow for a casing to be created.

all seams need to be machine neatened and therefore strengthened, these bags will be expected to be in use for approx 4 years.
If you have an overlocker, that is the preferred method of stitching the seams, otherwise you can either use a zig zag stitch
of one type or another, including vertical or strip joins.

Another method of seam neatening is either a flat fell seam, lots of Youtube vids including this one or a mock flat fell seam where you lay your top fabric edge 1/2" in from the underneath fabric, stitch a 1/4" seam, fold fabric over encasing the raw edge and stitch down to give a finish like below.
If piecing the 13" strips you also need to make sure there is a couple of inches of length at edges.

another method is if you have a 13" x 32" strip of plain fabric, stitch a colourful panel on the front, folding in the raw edges as below.

Jackie spied a whole pile of stash fabric that she could cut to size to use as bags, de-stash and support all in one go, winner, winner!

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Donated orphans become lovely quilts

Val has had some great donations lately, like this group of stitched blocks, there are so many Val will use them to create two quilts for Laurel House, a charity she and her group of stitchers from her retirement village have supported for many years.
Another donation to Val's group was this block of month pattern donated by Patchwork Angel, a lovely pictorial flimsey all set to be quilted.
Val hasn't been to meetings for a couple of weeks but she certainly has been busy creating these two lovelies, again for the charities she supports.
Firstly this oh so girly creation
and for the boys,vibrant stars.

Di was spotted with this delightful wall hanging, all ready to have the binding stitched down.
There were a few howls of protest when Di shared that she was considering hanging this witty creation in the 'littlest room in the house'

Sheila was also into binding, she spotted the sample Marie made when auditioning applique and quilting for our recent Quilt Exhibition raffle quilt, Sheila envisioned that with a couple of added corners to shape up an oblong she could create a memory mug rug for Marie.

Jan is motoring along with quilt number 2 for her Grandie, great to see the pattern and colour flow coming together.

Wendy spotted the pattern for her latest quilt in a Quilters Companion magazine and was rather chuffed to find she could pull all of the fabrics needed from her stash, not a single new purchase, a true 'stash buster'.
Wendy chose to machine stipple her quilt.

Inge was busily knitting away at great speed. Having finished knitting jumpers for baby lambs she is now onto jumpers for penguins. All sounded a bit strange until Inge pointed out the baby lambs had been born early, a side effect of the drought so many parts of Australia is suffering from, and were affected by the cold of winter and the penguins are those who have come into contact with oil, apparently it doesn't need a big oil spill to affect the penguins, just a little oil is enough to do serious damage.
The Penguin Jumpers are required by the Penguin Foundation of Phillip Island, read about the penguin plight and what you can do to help here
These two links with info about the lamb jumpers will take you to a facebook page and a news report from Better Homes and Gardens

While we are on doing little things that turn into great things to help others, our group have been invited to help with the task of creating fabric to be used to make bags used by the local 'Days for Girls' group. There are some directions and rules, particularly about seams and seam placement. Sue will have samples made for us next Wed but in the meantime if you would like to help, scrounge out fabric strips of 14" length (any width) ready to stitch together, or even if you have pieces of 'what was I thinking' fabric measuring 14" x 33", bring them along next week for Sue.
We will put pics of Sue's samples and the directions on the blog next week for reference.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Our wanderer has arrived safely... do we know?
Yep we have some fantastic quilted eye candy from Patchwork Europe for us to drool over.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Hexies on Thursday...

...along with one of the lovely friendship blocks the Thursday night gals are creating for each other.
Sheila shared pics of the Thursday night gals for us to enjoy. Thanks Sheila

Debbie preparing her friendship quilt block ready to give to group

Fiona with her gorgeous bag. She rarely makes bags!

Jules joining her large hexies.

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