Wednesday, June 28, 2017

2017 Quilt Exhibition - Part two

Promising to be another beautiful day here on the Sunny Coast, just perfect to make yourself a refreshing drink and spend a little time drooling over some very drool worthy quilts.

Michelle McGrath
'I Love Crazy'
I love 'Crazy' and was excited to join a 'Crazy' class at The Patchwork Angel taught by Jenny Clouston.
Pattern design by Jenny Clouston of Sew So Crazy Quilting
Quilted by Michelle McGrath

Gaye Cook
This quilt began as a bagful of ties collected over a number of years from family, friends and second hand stores. There are silk and synthetic ties but all with beautiful colours and patterns. What previous life did they have? How to give them a second life, a new life?
The gift of a book called 'Recycle Ties' by Christine Copenhaver was the inspiration to make this bold quilt from just striped ties.
Pattern design by Christine Copenhaver
Quilted by Fiona - 'The Quilting Fairy of Mountain Creek'

Rita Buckley
'Nottinghill Tube Quilt'
Who isn't inspired by Missouri Star Quilt Company!!!
Pattern Design by Missouri Star Quilt Company
Quilted by Fiona 'The Quilting Fairy'

Heather Tucker
'Crazy Triptych'
2016 was my year of Crazy! I was inspired by my friend's Crazy patchwork and encouraged to attend classes at The Patchwork Angel with tutor Jenny Clauston.
With Jenny's expert guidance and with the help of her excellent book 'Foolproof Crazy Patchwork' the pieces you see here magically evolved! I had done lots of embroidery in the past but had never worked with twisted silk thread, silk ribbon or beading. I loved the whole creative experience.
Then came the decision of what to do when the pieces were finally finished - is Crazy patchwork ever really finished? You can always add a bit more!
I decided to make three framed pieces, one for each of my three children to be given to them in the future.
Framed by Caloundra Art and Framing

Wendy Tame
'Rajah Quilt'
I have been fascinated by the original Rajah Quilt made by convicts in 1840 on their voyage to Australia and when I saw the pattern (half size of original) I just had to make it. The centre block is a copy of the original only I coloured it then outlined it in stitches. The quilt is then built up of rows around the centre. There are many very tiny squares
Pattern design by Lessa Siegele
Quilted by Wendy Tame

Marion Dempsey
'Christmas Bargello Table Runner'
This table Runner is made from a design by Eileen Wright called 'Twists and Turn Bargello Quilts'
Pattern design by Eileen Wright
Quilted by Marion Dempsey

Karen Daniel
'Em's Quilt'
Originally, when I started this quilt it was for myself. I have combined my love of needlework with patchwork and I was half way into it, when one of my daughters spotted it and decided she loved it and asked if she could have it.
How could I say no? To have one of my own children ACTUALLY wanting one of my quilts was wonderful, so I completed and gave it to her for her 21st birthday. Which actually started the ball rolling, how could I give to one and not them all? This is the first of 3 very similar but different quilts. It is machine pieced and quilted and I embroidered by hand all the squares, using a mixture of Mount Mellick stitchery, candlewicking and other embroidery stitches. It certainly was a work of love, and my daughter has used it on her bed for the last 15 years, hence its 'used' look. I have made a second quilt, similar but different for my second daughter, plus 2 other quilts for each of my sons, I am still in the process of making one of my own. One day!
Pattern design by Karen Daniel
Quilted by B & B Quilting
Closer views of Karen's beautiful stitcheries

Marie Weber
'William De Morgan Sampler'
Nothing more to say then - I just love William De Morgan designs
Pattern design by Michell Hill
Quilted by Marie Weber

Ailsa Ash
'Peachy Snowballs'
Our friend, Marie, made the Snowball Quilt for our Quilt Show four years ago and I admired it very much.
She gave me the patterns she found on a blog. I have kept it for future use and now have finally made it from some pieces of Japanese fabrics left over from other projects, hence the small blocks.
Machine pieced and quilted by Ailsa Ash

Lyn Solomon
'Going Round in Circles'
I needed to reduce my stash but wanted a different pattern that wasn't squares or triangles.
I found this online on one of my quilting sites and liked it because it was different
Pattern design from internet site -'Fave Quilts'
Quilted by Lyn Solomon

Michelle McGrath
For my friend Jan's 60th Birthday!
Clamshell Workshop at the Patchwork Angel
Quilted by Fiona Bell 'The Quilting Fairy'

Jackie Swan
'Cream Delight'
This hexagon quilt is the first in a series of low volume quilts I plan to make.

Marion Dempsey
'Ski Run'
This quilt was made with a Sewing Group at 'The Sewing Basket, Pittards Rd. Kuluin
The quilt could be reversible as the backing is a 'Disappearing Nine Patch' design
Inspired by a quilt at 'The Sewing Basket'
Quilted by Marion Dempsey

Jackie Swan
'Blue Circles'
The 'Ring Circle Quilt' was shown to me on the internet so I drafted out a similar pattern. As the body is made up of the squares, hexagons and triangles, ti was a challente to 'fill in' around the edge of the quilt.

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