Thursday, August 12, 2010

News from our groups...

...bit of a catch up for the Buderim Patchwork Group, with two Lorraine's giving us the low down on what the girls have been up to.  Firstly, from last Thursday, some words about the Thursday night group from Lorraine H.

Thursday night this week was a hive of activity with 4 large quilts all being pinned ready for quilting.  
Our newest member, Ivanka, bought along her gorgeous applique quilt and her the whole group are admiring her beautiful hand stitched work and lovely soft colours.
Many hands make light work, and with lots of help, we all managed to get four large sized quilts pinned ready for quilting. This pic is shows three of these - Ivanka's applique, Marleen's black and white scraps, and Lorraine H.'s latest - Roses and Magnolias which is destined for USA next week!
Thank you for the lovely pics and your words Lorraine, your beautiful quilt will surely be greatly admired when it reaches it's destination. - Andrea

Lorraine I,very kindly took these great piccies with her phone!.....are you old enough to remember when a mobile phone looked like and weighed about the same as a house brick??....and now you can take a pic, a video, and surf the net with a tiny little thing you can hold in your palm! - Forget about Dick Tracy and his wrist phone, we have gone way way beyond that!

From Lorraine I, ....
It was a small group today. Maybe the wet weather kept people away, although we really need the rain.
The Queensland Quilters raffle tickets of a quilt designed by Jennifer Chivarini (Elm Creek Quilters fame) were snapped up very quickly.
Sue Andrew was seen to be busy searching through books looking for some scrap quilts.  Is she trying to empty out her stash or just researching for a workshop she has promised to run?

Janice brought in the bag she will be showing in the workshop in a couple of weeks.  Not quite finished but it sure looks good.

Lorraine Hunter showed us the quilt 'Roses and Magnolias' made with a new fabric range from Moda.  It is a very American style quilt but that will be fine as it will be off to America next week.
Catti has made a gorgeous baby quilt with farm animals embroidered on it.  A bit of trouble reading the labels until Catti told us the animals were labelled with their Latin names.  Catti doesn't have anyone to give this quilt to yet but is hoping for a grandchild in the future.  Hoping for an early start in botany maybe?
A couple of close ups of Caitti's quilt for you.  Cropped from the pic above, the phone did a great job of capturing the detail of those ever so cute little animals.

Thanks for the pics and words Lorraine - Andrea
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