Thursday, February 14, 2019

Sometimes, bigger is better!

Don't you just love an ipad? we do, Sheila snaps great pics at meetings and then presto, here they are for your enjoyment. Thanks Sheila.

3 rather large lovelies to share with you this week.

We saw Pats stack of improv log cabin mini blocks last week, all created from her scrap stash with the only rule being the red square center. This week, we have the finished quilt, and its a biggie, not to mention really rather lovely. I've heard tell that some folks used to chuck the leftovers...silly lassies, nothing like a 'free' top.

Stella created this lovely with the clever colour play in a class taught by Fiona and had it quilted by Fiona in her guise as 'Quilt Fairy'. Its all ready for our upcoming quilt exhibition.

Wendy chucked a couple of hexis together last week
no she didn't, but honestly, can you blame a body for thinking that she may have?, these gals are fast, prolific and talented.
No, these hexies are all hand stitched and there must be thousands of them, why just the outer design flowers would have about 240 hexies.
This quilt is magnificient, and Wendy machine quilted it herself on her 1 year old special 770 Bernina.

Am I right? everyone is starting to get exibition fever?!!!! Yay, this one is going to be terrific!
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