Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013.......let the fun begin!

An early start back at the Cottage today with a special workshop to make tactile Quilts for the littlies reading corners at our local Sunshine Coast Libraries

Lots of planning, patterns being drafted, cutting, fabrics chosen and of course, the vital work of lots of sewing
Marie has made great inroads over the break on this great quilt, with a lot of the 'I see you, I see me' themes.
Heather, Sue and Wendy were thoroughly enjoying themselves coming up with extra ideas.
How cute is the big yellow daisy, it has a little mirror  center (I see me) and when you lift the petals, a discovery of a machine embroidered face looking back (I see you)
Marie also has two seaside themed activities, 'Under the Sea' with (so far) a turtle and a stingray, both of which are velcroed to the quilt, and a beach scene featuring lots of cute teddies enjoying the surf and sunshine, looks like a day at Mooloolaba Beach to me!

Sue has also been hard at work over the holiday break working on her Library quilt, check out the amazing car!
and from the looks of things, Sue just had a 'light bulb' moment on just what to do with those colourful metallic pot scrubbers.

Jackie and Marie just had to have a play, and who could blame 'em.  Jackie had fun with the robot while Marie was rather taken with the beach bucket and the clever use of beads to represent the sand.

Jackie is putting in some solid thought on the pool noodle arch, will it be part of a ball game or perhaps a rainbow???
Marie was rather taken with the 3-D box, what a delightful little hidey hole that will be.
Great progress to date on these wonderful quilts, I'm sure they will be an enormous hit with the kiddies.  Can't wait to see more, can you??

The competition was such a resounding success with a bunch of Fatties going off to Linda for her guess of a, candle, and b, beeswax.  Yep Linda, they were beeswax candles, they came with a pencil and a pad for those fascinating and wonderful ideas that come to us all in the middle of the night.  Just light your candle and make a note......

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