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A number of quilts were displayed as 'For Sale'. Some sold, some did not. If any of the quilts featured in the 2019 Exhibition photos tugs at your heartstrings, contact our group at the fatquarter news e-mail address at the top of the blog and we will get back to you, you can also contact us through the Buderim Craft Cottage, contact details are on the site or you can leave a message in the blog comments.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Baby Quilts, just love 'em...

...but some just go above and beyond.
And this quilt from Marie is one of those.
But before I let you drool all over your computer, you need to know the quilt is gone, yep, off to it's darling little owner, and all we have folks, is pics of pics on an do have to love technology.
This is one heck of an amazing quilt.  The fabrics have lots of little pics of bugs, beetles, butterflies and other bits of nature.  Talk about taking 'I Spy' to a whole new level.

Marie took pictorial squares and appliqued them around the border, interspersing the little panels with gem cuts - well - they look like little gems of living colour - in between the squares.
The lucky little guy who was given this quilt is only 2 weeks old, he has many many hours of pleasure in front of him with this wonderful quilt. (Ignore all those wonky liney little thingies across the fabric, they really aren't there,  it happens when you take pics of screens)
We had another fab. baby quilt for show and tell, Lainey, who seems to have a whole heap of family & friends who all expect baby quilts, bought along an unfinished quilt to share, more than a flimsey but still not a against the clock is Lainey, Christening on Sunday....3 days and 2 bits of days away....Her good friend is finally a Grannie, and yeah! happy dancin' in her neck of the woods.
New Mum is not a fan of pastels, so Lainey made this darling quilt in New Mum's fave colour scheme...great job, not pastels, but undeniably a baby quilt.
and the backing is just amazing.
The lucky little one who gets this quilt gets the ABC up front and all the fun of the beach on the flip side, all bases covered!

Courtney had something to share today, yep the finished long-stitch, last stitches this morning Courtney tells. Makes you smile just looking at those Dolphins,
Courtney plans to get this lovely framed, hope we get to see it when that happens.

Spotted Inge with a crochet hook and red wool playing in and out of her fingers, just look at those fingers fly!
So what is she up to?
Red Poppies is what.
This one just sitting there awaiting it's 'eyelashes'
Yep, eyelashes, Inge will be  using those fluffy, curly cute little crocheted 'eyelashes' to create the black center of the poppy.
And just in case you are wondering why crochet poppies? pop over here to the 5000 Poppies site to learn all about this great endeavor, and perhaps be inspired to pick up a ball of red wool and a crochet hook.

Gwen is not only busily hand quilting for others but is also 'Hand Piecing Queen' in residence, she is currently teaching many of our group the intricacies of hand piecing.
Michelle is learning the skill, and just look at those vibrant pieces....she shared a closer look.
Michelle found this vibrant fabric range on a trip to New York, and has enough for a complimentary border and backing for what is going to be a vibrant 'Bow Tie' quilt...and....she is thinking of learning the art of hand quilting on it, with Gwen as Tutor of course.  

Hand piecing and embroidery seems to be all the go at the mo.  
Denise is also into hand piecing, she has been caught up in the romance of Jen Kingwell's 'Green Tea and Sweet Beans' quilt pattern that so many of the Thursday evening gals have been immersed in.  Just look at the size of that tinsy piece Denise is working on! yeah, that tiny smidge of hot pink between her fingers!

Sue W. bought along a lovely wall hanging with quite the story attached, all about seeing a lovely quilt way back in 2000 that she thought would be special done with Liberty prints, but considering herself more of an applique quilter as opposed to a piecing quilter, she filed it away in the 'one day' box.
Well, long story short, realising that the Liberty stash was growing, Sue decided to launch into the world of piecing and created this lovely wall hanging.  A simple but stunning pattern created by Churn Dash blocks on point.
Sue then shared that this will be one of the quilts on show in our upcoming 2015 Quilt show and Sale.  

It is our month to use the Display cabinet to show the other Cottage group members some of the works and pieces that Quilters create.  Using the display cabinet this way is a great idea, the display changes every month with a different group showcasing their crafts, although it's always a bit of a challenge to get quilting pieces small enough to display to advantage.
This time round Deanne volunteered to do the display.
The cabinet looks a treat Deanne.

Did you notice the work going on in the Atrium behind Deanne?
Well, the Calligraphy and Papercraft group are just starting to set up for their exhibition, 'Taking Tea'.
It promises to be a great affair, the guys and gals have an astounding array of goodies and there were even a few already hung so of course, just had to grab a sneak peek.
Pastel to vibrant, something for everyone.

Now if you remember the tale from last week of Heather and the lovely black and white piece....well it was on the wall, really, I couldn't believe it either!
Sad bit though....had to stand so far back to get it all in that the pic doesn't do it justice.  Just when you need a decent camera.....
The wording? 'Butterflies are self propelled flowers'
Pop in to see it for yourself, you won't be disappointed
The exhibition opens on Friday evening 5th Sept. and runs through to Saturday 13th Sept.
Scroll down to the bottom of the previous post for more info on what this exhibition has in store for you.
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