Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beryl's Trunk Show - Part 2

Beryl still has her first embroidered doilies she made whilst in high school, and when you turn them over they look as lovely as the front.  Bet she had a strict teacher!  Beryl also shared two place mats that she printed at high school.

4 blocks from a W.I.P., 'Romance of the Rose' a hand appliqued and hand quilted, Q.A.Y.G.

One of Beryls first quilts, a predominately pink sampler made in 1993.

Made with leftovers, (is there such a thing in quilting?) tied and quilted.

'Pelicans' , using a photo as inspiration, Beryl created this landscape quilt in a 1999 Class with Judy Turner, it now hangs in Beryl's lounge room.

Once upon a time Beryl thought she didn't like flannel quilts, but she made this one anyway, it is now a favourite! always goes along on holidays with her and her Darling - never a chance of being cold with this lovely soft quilt along.  Hand appliqued flowers, and with a tea dyed backing.

'All Things Wonderful'.  A beginners style quilt, Beryl created this quilt  as an example that a quilt doesn't have to be a complicated design to be lovely, it's all in the colourplay.

A cream and maroon mystery quilt.  A member of the Nowra quilting group souced the design and hosted the Mystery.  This is Beryl's Husbands favourite quilt.

Love this very bright log cabin with black and green H.S.T. centres.  Created in a class with Judy Horvath.

This is a huge quilt. 'Hidden Splendor' was created to showcase Beryl's collection of beautiful Australian print fabrics.  The Map of Australia in the center - with State Boundaries marked - is created using a floral print that contains the state flower for all of our States.  This quilt is soon to be raffled for a charity.

'Dollies' is a novel round robin quilt.  Done entirely by Beryl, as did each other Nowra group member who took part in this novel project.  Following the usual round robin rules.

A very masculine quilt, 'John Deer', made for her Darling, an ex farmer and machinery enthusiast.

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