Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thursday Evening Group

Our patchwork group has two meetings per week, the original meeting on Wednesday afternoons and the newer meeting time of Thursday evening, (two bites of the patchwork cherry!) which enables those who cannot make a weekday afternoon meeting the opportunity to join in.
Today Debbie and Lorraine loaned two packages of photos, many, many photos, just a few here to show you some of the wonderful work done throughout the year and the fun that the Thursday girls had at their Christmas Party.
June the evening organiser, worked hard to make this evening the great success that it was.

June making like a christmas tree

Patchwork Group leader Sheila, Assistant Treasurer Patricia and Guests

Yummies on the walls and yummies on the table, even a little glass of bubbly.
A Christmas Fairy, making sure the drinkies are all in order.
Ladies in the spirit, all set for a good time.
Some of the results of a project done by the evening group.
Lovely happy smiles and a beautiful embroidered top.

Instead of the usual 'secret santa' chrissy gift, all invitees were asked to bring a can of dog food along to the party, and this is the reason why....................
June with the 'doggie gifts', donated to the local animal shelter at Sippy Downs.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Australia Day Parade

Dressed for the day and patiently waiting..........

The parade beginsSo many floats, so many groups, far to many to load here, but couldn't resist this pic of the dog obedience group, who is that on the far sidelines?

A few pics of some oldies And I really couldn't resist Mr. Bean, the Spinners & Weavers group will appreaciate the bear, the rego plate reads MR. BEAN.

A little historyand a flyover, I guess the rain made them a little late for the parade but it was fun to see them fly over the school grounds.

Hope you had a lovely Australia Day.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Colour Generators

Brenda from Serendipity Patchwork and Quilting
sent the following links to Colour Palette Generators, very handy for designing quilt colours from either a photo or even a single colour.

Scroll down to her entry of January 20, 'Kuler Colour' for a description of how Brenda uses colour generators.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Free BOM's

Two new sites have been added with free Blocks of the Month.

Head on over and check out Bunny Hill Design and Gail Pan Designs, from the list on the sidebar.

Ann from Bunny Hill is designing "A Tiskit, A Tasket, 12 months of Baskets" - each month a different basket design.

Ann has set up a flickr account for participants to show off their completed baskets, just go to her site and click on the picture of block one on her sidebar.

Gail is getting us all ready for Christmas, Christmas 2009 if you please, how organised is that!, do her BOM and by next chrissy you will have a lovely quilt all ready to be assembled.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Back Basting Tutorial for Hand Applique

For those who like to hand applique, this link to a technique you may find interesting.

Personally, I found it to be a bacon saver.

you will have to copy/paste the address into the address or search bar to access it. There is a setting somewhere preventing the automatic link thingy from working. Very technical, gotta get help to fix it, in the meantime copy/paste is the only way to link.

Update: fixed that little problem, the link now works, don't you just love Google?
In particular this brilliant gent, Peter Chen from Dummies' Guide to Blogger:

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