Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Modern Quilts and Traditional Blocks with a modern flair....

A number of our members have been bitten by the 'modern' quilting bug, some beautiful modern quilts are making their apprearance. Lorraine is working away at this design, great for showing off large pieces of fave fabrics.

Coming or Going? These two beauties from Pat were being cycled through the Atrium. There is always a number of quilts and smaller patchwork articles available for sale in our amazing gallery/gift shop.

So, you're rummaging around in the U.F.O.'s and find this piece, what do you decide to do with it? well Chris has decided to disassemble it to create another version before completing it, Really, those little suckers are fiddly enough to get together in the first place without disassembling them! but aren't they cute?

Barbara is creating another of her wonderful hand stitched creations, could be a cushion or perhaps a wall hanging, thinking a cushion would be just the ant's pants, I am lucky enough to have her Cat with the golden whiskers, the littlest Grandie makes a bee line for it every visit, loves the textures.

The pile of hospital donation quilts is increasing with this two adding to the pile.
Sheila likes this layout, nice big slices of 'I spy' type fabric to capture the imagination of small person confined to a hospital bed.

Jackie scaled down this design of the Southern Cross from a New Zealand magazine, the inspiration to use the design came on a recent trip to an 'Out Back' observatory.
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