Friday, July 15, 2011

Part 2 -TREE-mendous Quilt Show 2011

Some more pics of the fabulous quilts on show at our recent quilt show held at the Buderim Craft Cottage in Buderim....there will be more pics to follow...  ;)
Firstly, courtesy of Janet, one of the views of the Atrium as you entered the Cottage for our show.

'Japanese Quilt'
"A combined project with Mooloolah Quilters.
Machine Pieced and quilted.
Ditch quilted by friend Elena from Mooloolah Quilters.

Seasons of the Moon
A stunning wall hanging by Janet, the pic doesn't do it justice, machine appliqued curved piecing.

Two completely different wall hangings both named 'Migration'
"When I saw this pattern in a book it attracted me because I saw it as representing ideas that when separating from their original base acquire a slightly different look in their new context, and that can evolve into something quite different.  'Migration' seems a suitable title with the lines of quilting representing the gradual disssemination of ideas throughout the community.
Machine and hand pieced and hand quilted by me'.

"This small wall hanging is a Caryl Bryer Fallert pattern.  Paper piecing was used for the flying geese and the birds were machine appliqued and it was machine quilted".

Gwenyth (Gwen)
'Catch a Falling Star'
"Commenced about 12 years ago in a class with Lessa Siegle.  Just loved the making of the stars but I was 'a little' more tardy when it came to assembling and finishing it - Just finished."

'Friendship Baskets of Love'
"Friendship quilt with Nowra Quilters.  My request was, baskets on point, embroidered or appliqued in blue (as per colour swatch).
When they came back my decision was how to put them together.  I love the fact that all the different personalities show up in the blocks.  People that were different or quite gentle.  Just love it.  Hand made baskets by friends.  Machine pieced by myself and  machine quilted by myself.

'What's Under the Sea'
"I started this 6 years ago at least when my daughter was making a bag so I thought I would too.
Too good for a bag so I thought I would make a bed spread for "my old age" room.
No, it' won't wash very well
Runner and pillow the way to go.
Made and quilted by me.
Joanne still hasn't finished hers."
  (Tsk June, you dobber you   :)   -A)

'Bits and Pieces'
"Made from scraps left over from my great niece......(Great Niece's quilt?)
Machine quilted."

Cushion behind quilt
"I hand dyed the fabric, then hand appliqued and machine quilted".

'Magical Maze'
"Originally this was a wall hanging but somehow it seemed to grow into a Quilt.
It is machine pieced
The design is from Christine Porter's Tessellation Book.
The quilting is done by Fiona from The Quilting Fairy".
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