Thursday, June 22, 2017

Down to the wire...

Wednesday was a day of fluff and flurry, the big job of ferrying quilts of all sizes along to be signed in for the exhibition, every item has to be registered, checked off, sorted and stacked
as you see, Lorraine and Karren had everyone under controll while other helpers stacked the quilts in their appropriate piles.

Just a few of the many wonderful items you will have the fun of viewing and purchasing come tomorrow.

Today (Thursday) is 'set up' day, and as I type, gals are working hard to turn the Cottage into an Alladins cave of wonderful goodies and visual treats. Sheila has sent a couple of pics of the set up so far,
The raffle ticket table is always one of the first corners to be set up, those two quilts are stunning, again a very big thank you to New Zealand quilter and tutor Joyce Jones for donating her pattern "Mikasa Sukasa' to us to create our version 'Weroona', and of course the gratitude and thanks of all group members for the creators of these two amazing quilts.
Marie for creating the Weroona flimsey, Lorraine for her tinsy binding stitches and Fiona Bell of The quilting Fairy for quilting Weroona,
Janice for creating the Purple Passion flimsey, Beryl for her tinsy binding stitches and Judy of Furball Farm Quilting for her work on Purple Passion.

Wendy did an terrific job of running our mystery quilt-in which resulted an amazing variety of quilts created by one simple pattern, here is just three of them to give you a taste.

The Lyn Ballinger Challenge is up on display.
You will be able to vote for the one you prefer at the Show.

Just chatted with Pat, she is busy hanging at the cottage, hanging quilts that is... she mentioned that they are running out of room, wondered aloud if perhaps the ceiling would have to be used...
Promises an abundance of works for you to drool over.

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