Saturday, May 11, 2019

Really pulling out the stops! and a trip down memory lane

The bestest thing about the lead up to our quilt exhibition is all the fantastic quilts the gals share in the months leading up to the exhibition, lots of lovelies to share with you here.
Thank you Sheila for your pics and words.

Marion shows branded cloth bags decorated with orphan or trial blocks - a great take on our 'Reclaimed' theme for the Exhibition

Janice with her beautiful Lone Star quilt. Quilting by Judy D is spectacular.

Who loves blue? why Sheila of course, not to mention the love of Maths - "Fibonacci plays music with improvisation"
Maths lesson - golden ratio 1,1,2,3,5,8,

Karen was asked for a boys baby quilt

Marcia concentrating on her barbello puzzle

Glenys and May enjoying Marions bargello class

Wendy wanted another blue quilt. This is 'Winter'

Di shared two quilts.
The center section of 'Spring' was hand quilted by Di


The trip down memory lane is this newspaper article Sheila unearthed while getting some of our clippings ready to archive.
A pic of Sheila and Fran, taken as a promo pic for one of our past Quilt Shows,

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