Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Jelly Roll Race and other things

The day of the big Jelly Roll Race finally arrived, lots of anticipation and eagerness to get going, of course, there was the last minute dash by those doing the busy-busy thing, not quite being in two places at once, but pretty close to it
Christine was  ripping the wrapping from her roll at 2 mins before 'go' time.

Then there was the reading of the rules by the adjudicator

Finally, the much awaited Ready, Set, Go!!!

And they were off,
Lots of calm control at this stage.

Mind you, someone was under a bit of a handicap, after a run in with something sharp in her quilting room - (I hear tell that there was a bit of a dash to the doc who promptly informed her that the wound was 'still pumping'...and she didn't pass out!! how's that for brave!)
None of that affected her sense of humour though, when she promptly stitched both ends of the first two strips together...
a bit of a quick un-stitch and she was off....

While the racing gals were heads down, the rest of us were busily 'doing' and 'admiring',
Lorraine bought along a finally finished quilt, started 3 years ago from a quilting magazine pattern.
Stunning pattern, Stunning rendition.
Sue had a couple of hours free this morning and ran this little darling up, who can see this as a part of your 'day at the races' accessories??
Beautiful yellow daisies on the front with a black and white/lemon back, spliced with a zip to form a secure pocket for your winnings - there are a few of the little cut off triangle from the Jelly Race strips poked in the opening to show off the zippered pocket.

Yeah, I hear you, who in their right mind would be wandering around with fabric bits that really belong in the bin....well, someone who had read the Ami Simms post on crumb quilts, or watched the youtube video on Ami's post featuring Megan Null and her lovely scrappy quilt.  Megan wastes nothing...NOTHING...I'm so in awe.
Bye the Bye, a big thank you to the ladies taking part in the race who donated all those lovely tinsy little scraps, they will make lovely blocks.

Anyhooo.....go watch the vid, read about the challenge and peek at Megans lovely scrappy quilt.

There were lots of 'Scottie Dogs" being finished off, but with the excitement of the Race we decided to have a kennel club meeting next week, except for this little guy, Marcia bought her flat pup along to show us before she stuffs and posts him.  He is just adorable and someone special is going to love him to bits.

Back to the Race!!
Lots of stitchin' going on, but Christine is wondering just how big a pile 1600" of fabric strips makes.

Back at the Ranch, oh well, back in the main room, Fae was setting out some hexagons she has been working on
...muttering about, 'a decision has to be made' and 'joining bits' - I'm sure hexie creators would understand.
Finally, she was happy.  Decision made!.
Looks very pretty, hope we see more of these please Fae.

The tension is mounting, those strips are starting to form a flimsy!

On the last lap!  Marie and Wendy are going neck and neck - who will be the winner??
And its.........
a draw!  these two amazing quilters ripped their flimsies from their machines at the same instant!!
Show Time!
Marie shows off her flimsey
Wendy is rather entranced by the dots, well not really, well, maybe she is, maybe she is just giving thanks that the race is over..........and no injuries - (really she looked down to answer someone's question just as the pic was snapped.)
Well Done winners, well done participants, hoping to see all those flimseys finished and turned into quilts real soon  ;)

It's been mentioned before, about our 'display cabinet' where each month a different Cottage Group displays their members art work.
The current display, with the families permission, is all about the work of one woman, an amazing needleworker and caring lady.
Jane Filmore was a member of the Cottage since 1994 until her recent passing, she was an amazing instructor, although I do remember her telling me to 'go home and practice how to hold your needle, and by the way, that crowbar you have is no where near a needle!'
As a novice I was gobsmacked!!, but she was so right! and although I will never be a 'real' embroider I'm grateful for what she taught.
Jane always told it as it truly was, but was always willing to help you understand the vagaries of the needle and thread.
For more on the life of this amazing lady read from our Newsletter here.
Some of Jane's lovely needlework, for a closer look pop into our Atrium at 5 Main Street Buderim.
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