Thursday, February 11, 2016

Giving to others...

...always a good thing.
We will be having a workshop in the near future to stitch together lots of toiletry bags for the Mums and Kiddes who pass through Najidah, of course that then leads to gathering up lots of goodies to fill said bags.
Stella bought along this bag of toiletries, given to her by some lovely ladies.  Thank you for your support ladies.

Every now and again a quilting book comes along that appeals to a number of our group, resulting in a flurry of purchasing, such a book was 'Growing Up Modern' by Allison Harris.
Alison says of her quilt 'Blocks' "I made this quilt for my block-loving boys", well Wendy's Grandsons feel just the same, it reminds them of one of their fave toys.  One quilt done, one to go!

We have a great library available to us, and a great librarian, on just the vaguest of descriptions Jackie manages to find just the right book or pattern.
'Is this the one you were looking for"?
Happens every time!
Thanks Jackie.

Val shared these 3 charity quilts with us today, the red and white one was inspired by a nice floral print that she also used as backing.
The blue sashed quilt is using the 'Exploding Block' idea from Missouri Quilt Co.  Watch Jenny's Youtube video on how to create this block.
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