Sunday, February 7, 2010


Have you noticed the little collage of piccies under the heading 'Followers'?, these are ladies, no gents yet, who like to read our blog and follow our antics. -I have just moved it to the top of the side bar for convenience, shortly it will be back down amongst the other buttons for you to investigate.

You can catch up with these lovely and talented ladies on their blogs by clicking your mouse on each photo, a new screen will open, headed Buderim Patchwork with the members profile of whomever you just clicked on/selected.

Reading down, under Links, there will be a blog header/name, which is a link to the selected blog, click on the link/name and go visit........lots of fun, you can leave a comment on the blogs visited, even let them know you are a 'Buderim Patchworker' and don't forget to check out their list of blogs that they follow in their sidebar.........there are lots of wonderful blogs out there.

However there are a couple of followers, such as Debbie with the 'Maxine' cartoon, who I gather is a blog-less follower, but there is still a list of blogs for you to investigate that Debbie follows and enjoys, such as Blackbird Designs, with this amazing post on - of all things - quilling, a different quilling, an olde worlde version of quilling that has me hunting out my old quilling tool.
This is pic is from Blackbird Designs' blog, One stitch at a time a stunning version of quilling.
Enjoy the surf on this wet and rainy day..
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