Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tessellation Workshop with Val

What a great array of tessellated flimseys met us when we arrived for our workshop with Val, the original flimsey had step by step blocks for our greater understanding, although step two, glanced at from a distance convinced one eager lass to cut her block in half..........ooops! oh dear!
There was an 'I Spy' variation, wouldn't that be great on a Grandies Wall, or a bigger version as a quilt or quillo.
Val had a range of tessellated flimsies for our inspiration. These diamonds with the floral chevron is a real eye catcher.
Stars and Windmills in stunning colours,
And this geometric in solid colours, a simple enough block assembly but the colour placement creates another stunner.
Firstly there was some figuring out to be done....that kept everyone busy for a bit.followed by in-depth instructions from Val, with the ever willing Sue, our workshop co-coordinator helping out in the background.
Wendy showed us her workshop ironing and tracing prototype. Firstly you gotta have 'the pretty' so Wendy quilted a cover for her board.
Open it up and there is the sandpaper on one side and the pressing board on the other. Wendy is working on the idea of a cutting mat on the back. Pretty Cool huh!. Maybe this should be our next workshop.
Ja`, making sure everything is centered and as Val instructed, pin, pin, pin.
Lorraine decided cutting in bulk was the way to go.
Fran showing us her first completed block.
As work progressed we got to see the other colour choices and combinations. Ja` went with a grey background and red and blue for her kimonos, Chris decided on a solid cream background with Japanese prints
Wendy chose a warm beige background and Japanese prints in lovely browns, pinks and rusty reds, while Caiti's choice is the kimonos in sunflowers and a WoW paisley background.
Janice went for the black background and for the Kimonos, Japanese prints on a black background.
Sometime through the afternoon Lorraine H. decided that strip piecing was the way to go and managed to assemble all 16 of her blocks. Lorraine chose a White on White print background in a geometric design and some lovely Japanese fabrics
It was a fun and fantastic workshop, beautifully organised and prepared. Thank you Val and Sue
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