Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Janice Trunk Show

Janice started the evening with a few of her favourite treasures, all with lovely stories.

The sewing basket was given to Janice and her twin sister to share as children, Janice recently unearthed it and as she is the sewer guess who keeps it now!!
Two of her cross stitcheries
This is amazing Janice!  It’s a photo taken with her twin sister Nancy meeting  Princess Alexandra when she visited Nambour in 1959. Janice is the shy one. How cute.
The ceramic bunny rabbit filled with bath salts was given to her grandma when Janice was 6 or 7 & she just loved it.  When her grandma passed Janice was given the bunny so it holds happy memories.
A much loved doll given to Janice for her 10th Birthday

A lovely friendship quilt from Coes Creek Quillters group featuring  Australian Wildflowers

Friendship quilt - sampler, machine quilted

Janice made this quilt in 2000 for her parents Golden Wedding Anniversary, her Mum just loves it & Janice had to nearly beg her Mum to take it off her bed so Janice could share it with us!!

Janice made this quilt for her sisters Silver Wedding Anniversary but the sad thing is that Sis has never used it. I'd take it back! Its a nine patch and snowball design.

Here is a gorgeous Heart Colour wash quilt. I love this one, must do a class one day!-D  

This quilt was 4th favourite at the Buderium 2009 Quilt Show. Colour wash in Purples "Spiral Dance"

This is another gorgeous Shabby quilt in purples & greens

"All That Jazz", in red, black & white.

Don't bug me quilt. Very cute.

Batik quilt- just gorgeous Janice.  Hand stitched, reverse appliqué.

Janice used the circle cut-outs from the above quilt to create this wall hanging, recutting the circles to true, stitching them to a fabric square and then recutting into 4 to swap around and again restitch. Very clever.

A Story of Love and Caring.
Janice was visiting with a friend suffering terminal breast cancer, the friend complained to her Darling of being very cold and requested he get ‘one of those camp sleeping bags’ to keep her warm….well, the bag was a bit dusty and a bit ratty – as camping bags usually are.  Janice was inspired to make her friend a quilt with fabrics showing all the farming things that she loved so much, including growing Raspberries and Strawberries.  The only fabric Janice couldn’t source was one with Strawberries so she included some appliquéd strawberries in the quilt.  Her friend loved the quilt and it was returned to Janice at the end.
At a show and tell another of Janice’s friends, a lady well on in years fell in love with the quilt and Janice gifted it to her to use when sitting in her cane chair, where it is still used to this day.
Janice tells the story of how her friends suffering inspired her to insist on a biopsy on a breast lump that Janice had had for some time, always having the lump dismissed, as ‘oh that’s nothing’.  The biopsy showed cancer and Janice was whisked off for some radical treatment, so saving her life for which Janice will always be very grateful to her friends memory. 
This is a very well used and much loved country nine patch quilt which Janice made for her daughter, after she so admired the above quilt made for Janices friend, and as so often happens with a loved and used quilt, this one has faded a little in our harsh Queensland sun.

Janice with her lovely Chinese Lantern runner. We were impressed with this so Janice has given us a lesson in learning this technique.

Thank you Janice for sharing your favourite treasures with us. We have had a lovely evening
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