Saturday, July 28, 2012


Janice is the prize winner of the Viewers Choice category of our Lyn Ballinger Challenge.
All the Challenge entries were on display at the recent exhibition held by the Fabric Art and Surface Design group, which was by the way an outstanding success.

Visitors to the exhibition were given the opportunity to vote on which entry appealed to them the most.  The results were a landslide in favour  of Janice's Coral, and we can see why, very realistic and imaginative, but a simple design  using bandages to create her coral.

While surfing the net Janice spotted a pic of a coral formation, polyps withdrawn. and it stuck with her.  While playing around with some bandages, inspiration struck and she created version 1 of her entry, why version 1?  well, a certain miss, who shall remain nameless, took a liking to Janice's creation and decided it needed to go home with her.
So version 2 had to be created, and here it is!

The Challenge perpetual trophy of a quilt stand is now Janice's to use for the year, to display some of her beautiful quilts.

Congratulations again Janice.
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