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A number of quilts were displayed as 'For Sale'. Some sold, some did not. If any of the quilts featured in the 2019 Exhibition photos tugs at your heartstrings, contact our group at the fatquarter news e-mail address at the top of the blog and we will get back to you, you can also contact us through the Buderim Craft Cottage, contact details are on the site or you can leave a message in the blog comments.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Excitement plus on Wednesday...

...yep, the Cottage was jumping off its stumps on Wednesday, the lovely Wendy had done the research and got us another 'Mystery' project, this one to be completed within the afternoon, along with all the excitement and buzz of the workshop we also had a special afternoon tea planned with this cutie.
Kevin came to collect the donation to Smart Pups, although he let Patricia do the necessary of accepting the cheque and thanking our Group for the lovely dollars raised from the Quilt Exhibition raffle quilts.
Kevin was busy with other important doings.
Smart Pups Assistance Dogs have 90 'task specific' dogs trained and paired with special needs children throughout Australia. The pups are trained in four different assistance categories, Autism Assistance Dogs, Seisure Response Assistance Dogs, Mobility Assistance Dogs and Medical Alert Assistance Dogs. Patricia left a brochure with so much information, a little too much to transfer to here. Established in 2011 the organisation does not receive any government support, relying on donations. To help or for more information ph. (07) 5485 0031 or email them at

Courtney was busily working on another of her embroidery projects.
and Cheryl shared this little project, tooth savers that she is running up for the littlies at the upcoming Ironside State School Fete in Brissy, reckon the Grandie will be chuffed.

Finally, after some instructions and good advice from Wendy, everyone was off and running,

There were those that pinned, and those who didn't, and impossible to tell the difference with this clever pattern and Wendy's instructions, the seams nested together nicely allowing everyone to get their points all lined up and well, pointy.
A couple of us managed to forget to 'step down' the fabric strips and had to do a little reverse stitching, Sue's expression says it all when it comes to reverse stitching.

Great fun to see all the different runners coming together. Lyn decided on using two lightly patterned fabrics as her focus fabrics and the patterned fabric as background for a different look.

Wendy was moving along at a great pace,
mind you, she had done a couple previously, hung for our inspiration and edification.

First past the finish post was Di with this pretty pastel runner, Di wanted a shorter runner and worked out that the length of the runner is easily variable by simply adding or subtracting a set of 2 strips in the body of the runner.

Lots more lovely Hospital donation quilts being admired.
Val of course had two for her charity of choice, Laurel House
She has also pieced the backings, giving the quilts extra interest.

Gaye had been very innovative, using all donated fabrics from our donation table of a couple of weeks ago to create two small and two of the larger size quilts, both with pieced backings .

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Modern Quilts and Traditional Blocks with a modern flair....

A number of our members have been bitten by the 'modern' quilting bug, some beautiful modern quilts are making their apprearance. Lorraine is working away at this design, great for showing off large pieces of fave fabrics.

Coming or Going? These two beauties from Pat were being cycled through the Atrium. There is always a number of quilts and smaller patchwork articles available for sale in our amazing gallery/gift shop.

So, you're rummaging around in the U.F.O.'s and find this piece, what do you decide to do with it? well Chris has decided to disassemble it to create another version before completing it, Really, those little suckers are fiddly enough to get together in the first place without disassembling them! but aren't they cute?

Barbara is creating another of her wonderful hand stitched creations, could be a cushion or perhaps a wall hanging, thinking a cushion would be just the ant's pants, I am lucky enough to have her Cat with the golden whiskers, the littlest Grandie makes a bee line for it every visit, loves the textures.

The pile of hospital donation quilts is increasing with this two adding to the pile.
Sheila likes this layout, nice big slices of 'I spy' type fabric to capture the imagination of small person confined to a hospital bed.

Jackie scaled down this design of the Southern Cross from a New Zealand magazine, the inspiration to use the design came on a recent trip to an 'Out Back' observatory.
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