Sunday, October 13, 2019

Charity Quilts, Challenges and more

We have some lovely quilts and history to share thanks to Sheila for her pics and words.

Now we all know how Sheila is not exactly fond of matching seams, in fact she actively avoids any quilt that needs them, so we were all rather admiring of her latest charity quilt flimsey, lots and lots of matching seams, Sheila even confessed that she had made sure of matching the seams by....yep....pinning them!!!

Jackie also had a community quilt flimsey to share,

Jan was busily finishing the binding on her second quilt, destined for a grandie.

and now from Sheila, with Thanks.

Marie’s shirt says it all !

Gens Quilt which was shown in Yokohama Quilt Show She did Centre & others, some from Japan & Australia did the surrounding sections

Gwen’s challenge to herself. ‘ Not one straight line ‘ ?

Marie’s UFO. She can’t remember how she did this pattern . Spectacular result!

Previous winners. A history of challenge was given starting with ‘ Rainforest Challenge ‘in 2001.



Karen W

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