Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A bit of a catch up...

with lovely quilts and lovely new members. New member Gahey was well along on creating this stunning quilt made from silk ties,
hand pieced and quilted
All finished, what a stunner.
A bundle of 'I Spy' fabrics has been given to each group member to design and create their own quilt, it can be given to a family member, given to a charity of your choice or even kept. Gahey found a simple but effective design on the net, changing the design slightly and bought along her flimsey to share.
Courtney has created a second table runner, this one a gift for her Mum.
Next project? Knitted squares to make a knee rug for next winter.
Marcia was putting the fininshing stitches into the binding on a quilt for her great grandson, Jasper.
All family members were invited to bring along a piece of fabric for the quilt, and while at the celebration, to add their signature and well wishes to what would become the backing. Even the littlies got a go, with their own 'signature of the time'.
Marie had a very exciting tale to tell and a beautiful mug to go with the tale. Family members travelling in Edinburgh noticed a rather posh car with a fair sprinkling of police and security standing around, not ones to let a curosity go unanswered, they approached and asked the question, the reply left then a tad stunned, the Queen and Duke had just popped into the jewellers! sure enough, just moments later the Queen and Duke exited of the store, popped into the Car, and ever so sedately, zoomed off!! having walking right past them. Of course a cemmorative Queen's 90th Birthday cup seemed to be just the pressie to go with the tale to take home to Mum, along with extracting the promise, to use the cup daily, not put it into a cupboard for a special day.
Di shared this flimsey with us,
Di also told of how after assembling all the blocks, she found that there were a couple of squares of the same fabrics butting together, solution? well she wasn't about to ignore them, so unpicked and re-inserted different fabrics. Makes for what will be a stunning quilt.
Plan is to have the quilt long arm machine quilted with a design in each of the cream centers. Marion put the last stitches into the binding before sharing this amazing quilt with us,
a pieced backing makes for a reversible quilt.
Karen has just about conquered the croched beanie - there has been lots of experimenting with various wool and cotton threads as well as ply - this cutie is for her little Grandaughter.
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