Thursday, September 26, 2013

A new Quilting Year begins...

Our A.G.M. yesterday, and there was some great ideas floating around for projects to add to that ever growing 'gotta do that' list that every quilter seems to have stored away in her mind.
Lorraine certainly created some enthusiasm with her matching quilting tool carriers.
 When pressed to 'volunteer' to present a workshop on them she assured us that all you had to do was measure your rulers etc add an inch, fold and add a button.....oh yeah, add have someone handy with a saw to cut a piece of MDF to keep your square ruler, well, square actually, no chips, cracks or broken bits as the MDF protects the ruler.
Lorraine also designed pockets at the bottom of the mat carrier to take a small square, a 12" rule and a 24" rule.

Beryl was asked to complete this quilt for the Hibiscus Villages charity quilts.  It will be donated to one of the worthy charities here on the Sunshine Coast.
A simple design of strip pieced blocks, Beryl has pulled the colours together nicely by adding the bright green and lemon sashing and binding.

Val has yet another commission underway, a pair of Memory Quilts for a Grandad and Grandmum sadly separated by ill health.  Val has incorporated lots of family pics in what will be two very special lap quilts.

Last pic of the day is of an unfinished baby quilt from Lorraine.
 whaat? unfinished?, yep, no label!
 It's for a little bub who is due to make his/her arrival in the very near future!
Lorraine made this quilt in a day, combining 'I Spy' fabrics and a Disappearing Nine Patch design using red in the center square.
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