Saturday, July 11, 2015

And we're off...Day One of our Biennale Quilt Show and Sale

9a.m. and the doors are thrown open.  A steady stream of early bird quilters and quilt lovers arrived to take in the beautiful quilts, welcomed by Ailsa and Marion.
The beautiful floral arrangements (there will be more pics as we go on) were supplied by Betty and her Mum Inge from their garden.

Before the day kicked off, Janice was spotted settling in and wearing this beautiful scarf and butterfly combo.
Story is, Janice seems to manage to loose her scarves, a little tip from a friend, snaffle yourself a hair clip, and clip the ends together.
Brilliant idea - Yes?
Betty and Inge on deck in the Tea Room.  Betty is modelling one of the Tea Room aprons made by Inge for the volunteers.

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