Thursday, October 28, 2010

So Much Happening in Our Quilting World.

Gosh there has been so much happening, lots of wonderful Show and Tell, Workshops, Our Annual Bus Trip to the Brissy Craft Show, which of course the 'especially created for the event' committee of 'Lets Shop for the Group' worked very hard and bought us home a pile of new books.  Wonderfully inspiring new books, that we all wanted to take home right there and then!!
But first things first, we need to catch up on last weeks goings on (yeah I know, computers are the best thing since sliced bread, except for when they won't work.....then they give you a whole new meaning to the word frustration!)
Janet's very luck Granddaughter is to get a new quilt.......and what a quilt, one of Kelly's designs from 'Don't Look Now'
 The quilt is designed to be wide enough to hang well down over the bed sides, with a whimsical design of kittens playing in the grass and flowers.  Janet did her own quilting using a Q.A.Y.G. method.

While some members were drooling over Janet's wonderful quilt, others were hard at work in Lesson 1 of Sue's Bag Workshop. 
There were fabrics to be chosen and cut.
Lots of little strips to be cut and pressed and then arranged around the cut squares, and a great gizmo under Marcia's machine, a little mat with pockets at the front.  Now that's an idea!
And by the end of lessons there will be loads of lovely bags, just like these.....but different!
Show and Tell saw lots of finished articles from our Mini Retreat, Caitti decorated her white Christmas tree with pine cones and a wood rose, while Wendy went with lots of lovely red buttons.  There were hexagon place mats, Christmas decorations, stockings and the most gorgeous little knit.
Caitti then shared more of her beautiful silk ribbon embroidery, these designs on a linen hand towel.
Lesson 2 of Sues workshop had the girls all head down and sewing up a storm, lots of little tubes to be turned using bias bars, measuring and cutting going on.
The bags are going to be just beautiful, we will show them as soon as they are finished, at the moment they look a little, well, disjointed?, in pieces? not all together there?

Sheila had a new book, 'Designing Quilts is Easy!', well I didn't get to have a peek, so can't honestly tell, but it sure takes concentration getting all those vibrant fabrics to play nicely together.  Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Heather is back from her travels, she and her Darling had a wonderful time.  You can catch up on their travels on Heathers blog
Of course, there was too much catching up to do yesterday, so Heather bought along a 'walk with me' project, the cutest ruffled scarf.
Lyn is busily doing some beautiful needleturn applique
and Julie - who has finished her tinsy tinsy hexagons - just has to finish assembling them - showed this handy dandy sewing compendium, complete with a wool tapestry needle book.
Pretties in our stitching world.
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