Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Fair Goodies.........

..........for you to view, drool  or even sigh over ..........just a sprinkling of the lovelies available tomorow and Sunday.

Judy was so funny, look at how oblivious she is to all around her, she marched straight in and up to the table and said, " This table, I had nightmares all night"................funny thing was, a couple of the set up girls knew exactly what she was saying!

The only long shot of the room, there are soo many goodies, and here's the secret, there is still a little stuff in boxes under the tables, not a lot mind, but a little.

There are cushions, wall hangings, stockings that have taken a step away from the traditional,
Aprons galore, table runners and strangely enough even quilts,.... smile...

Just had to show you a close up of this stocking, the Santa print was given to Sheila, who created the rest of the stocking, but just look at that row of tiny little red bells, a fancy stitch on her new machine!

Not sure why, but this pic will not load on large, but isn't the quilt stunning?  Lots of goodies on the table below the quilt, including the cutest little string of fabric where did that close up go??

There it is, a lovely string of apples, held aloft by two happy volunteers.

There are even the cutest little dress-up skirts, fairy? ballerina?

Stunning colours in this quilt, its hanging right by the entry, you know the place, yeah right there where there is no light, and no room to step back for a good shot, 'spose on reflection, I could have stood in the cupboard....oh well, maybe next time.

Judy and Lorraine, shopping for a new bag, these girls will know exactly where to head as soon as the doors open - gotta be some benefits to being a helper.

Machine Embroidery girls were justifiably proud of their new banner.

Need a new peg bag? this is just the ticket.  Patricia from Patchwork makes a peg bag or two every year, although a couple of years ago, she missed making the bags, you have no idea the disappointment!, one lady almost wept, no peg bag, she gets a new one every year!

Marcia was told by the, not me, the other photographer to either smile or say 'sex', well that was a silly thing to say, she couldn't keep a straight face from that moment on.

  A collage of three of the really pretty sections of Marcia's quilt.  I always find it hard to take a pic of an all white or cream quilt.  The collage shows more of the beautiful details

The most beautiful light summer nighties from some of the Needlework ladies, so romantic.  The nighties, really can't say about the ladies, they would bean me if I made that kind of comment!

More needlework, a beautifully embroidered brush, the cutest hangers, these hangers are a must for any slippery top, cardigan or dare I say it 'ball gown' you remember ball gowns?? gosh I had a couple or two or.......yeah, I know, really showing my age.

Beautifully embroidered potpouri bags, journals, tissue covers, journals, and jewelery pouches.  You name it these girls have got it for sale.

Lorraine spotted these hair slides and ties and very kindly modeled one for me. Cute as buttons, the little girls will love therm.

Dorothy had just finished setting up the Spinners and Weavers display and kindly let me take some pics of their beautiful work, that shawl on the stand at the back is as light as a cobweb, and beautifully soft.  Wonderful wearables and some of the lovliest little toys for the youngest set.

Another so soft shawl, more toys - Koalas seem to be the toy of the day but check out the Nativity Dolls! Wow! Fantastic.

And lastly a pic of Sheila, wearing her apron, she made the cupcakes for Sapho's quilt and ended up not using them.........what to do with 3 delish cup cakes? pop them on a pocket and onto an apron of course.

Sheila worked very hard to make our blog party such a success this morning, with the help of Patricia they served us all our cuppas  while we gobbled up beautiful cream sponge washed down by tea - or for some was a wonderful morning and a terrific celebration with some giveaways for the non bloggers of our group.  I will post pics of the party with the winners of the Blog Birthday Giveaway tomorrow....just gotta go see if I can make that random number thingy work now... wish me luck!

Thank you Sheila for a wonderful morning.
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