Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's just one week away,

really, one week until the fun, the excitement and hijacked, words from Lainey, along with instructions of 'you go take knitting pics'...

everyone is so up to date with their quilts that the only thing left to do is some knitting. All quilts bound, washed, labelled and stories written.
All pigs carefully tended and ready to fly as well.
The last minute plans for quilt showing are being sorted and changes made as the thinking goes on. Many voices all contribute to the general hubbub and the excitement is really building. the displays in the Maroochydore library and the OPO at Buderim and even the Bendigo bank are making us all feel very festive.
As the quilt show only takes place every two years it is even worse than Christmas with the anticipation we all feel.
Well, we are all just great big kids here at the moment. Some are saying that that there are just a few things to be finished for the saleroom at the quilt show.
Our entries for the Lyn Ballinger challenge were judged by Neroli Henderson when she was here presenting her classes at the Winter School. At the moment there is only one person,other than Neroli, who knows the results of  the challenge and she ain't telling. No one will know until the lunch after the Quilt Show just who will be the champion and the viewers' choice.

So, as instructed, snapped some of the girls, only one quilt to be seen, but what a quilt it is!

Deanne created this stunner from a pic she took of a rusted old ford languishing under a gum tree.
 Deanne will be popping the binding on in time for the Quilt Show, keep your eyes peeled for it amongst the other wonderful quilts.

Meanwhile, lots of knitting going on, along with some embroidery, cross stitch and just generally gossiping.
There were even some pretty young Grandies visiting with their needles and wool.
further on in the 'catch ups' we have this vibrant wonky log cabin.
and another disappearing nine patch from Janice.
Sue W. shared this beautifully worked applique quilt with us.

Our Cottage Winter School was a huge success, lots of classes with lots of tutors, however, I only managed to take pics of Patchwork group's tutor of choice, Neroli Henderson.  Neroli presented 3 classes over 4 days, a marathon effort on her part as well as those that did the full 4 days of classes.
First class was 'Paint and Pencil on Fabric', Neroli presented dyeing with concentrated liquid fabric paint (Dye-na-flow), we did background painting, sun dying, salt effects and sponge printing.
Some of the finished samples
 Pat and Neroli with a swirl pleated design using Dye-na-Flow fabric paints.

 Lovely sunrise/sunset over the ocean with lots of gold hi-lights using gold Lumiere fabric paint.

The Second class presented was the two day 'Churning' class, using Lumiere metallic fabric paints to paint a background with overstitching using  machine embroidery stitches to form a background with a difference, the waves in the foreground were painted separately using different techniques for the background and the waves.
Denise was the only student who managed to finish her piece on the day.  You will be able to see her beautiful piece at our Quilt Show and Sale.
  Another version of Churning, still a W.I.P.

Concentration was certainly the name of the game.  So many mediums and techniques to learn about and experiment with.
 A few examples of the many finished samples.

Third class was Neroli's 'Angelina Aurora' a landscape class using angelina fibers, satin, and felt, creating designs by burning away layers using a soldering iron.
There were a few almost finished pieces.  Sue decided not to burn away her newly created fabric, opting instead to use it to create an evening bag.  Andrea and Pat's W.I.P's
Marilyn's W.I.P has such beautiful colours
Cecily Parsley had this beautifully completed piece to share at the Pop show on Sunday.
Truth?, her name isn't Parsley, but Cecily has always thought Parsley went so well with Cecily, you would have to agree.  I know I do.

Now it is officially winter, so of course one just has to give one's amazing winter boots a little walk around town.  These are some of the beauties making the rounds of the kitchen and classes at our winter school.
 Andrea's piece was finally finished, with lots of input, ideas and encouragement from classmates and Neroli, who also insisted on the use of some very lovely metallic thread.  Thank You.

A very big thank you to the amazing Kim from Kimz Sewing and Patchwork center for loaning this beast to Neroli for use in the classes.
The Bernina B750QE is the same machine Neroli uses at home, she was able to demonstrate to us some fantastic features and give us tips on some pretty amazing and thought provoking finishes and stitch variations.
The only thing Bernina could do to improve this machine is have it make coffee.  It stitches like a dream, zooms through embroidery stitching, a truly beautiful machine.
For a demonstration of this wonderful machine or indeed any of the many other Bernina and Janome machines that Kim stocks, pop down to her shop in Warana, Kim and the girls will give you a lovely warm welcome.

The cushion featuring 'Churning'? Neroli has them printed and for sale on Red Bubble, pop over and grab yourself one.
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