Friday, April 15, 2016

Oooh, Cake...

...gotta love cake, expecially birthday cake.
Beryl had one of those Big '0' birthdays and so of course to help her celebrate there was cake, yummy cake!
Many happy returns Beryl, hope your birthday was really special.

Val got a donation of half a dozen lengths of strip pieced fabric, and never being stuck for an idea on how to transform any fabric assembly into a charity quilt, she promptly sliced up some triangles to make this spiderweb quilt,
as well as this cutie - still using the same fabric strips...
as well as this version of a rail fence design, there was even enough pieced fabric to use for the borders.
She then machine quilted these three using various widths of serpentine stitch.

Val also had the finished version of her quilt from the recent Jan Phillips workshop to share,

wanting to add interest to the solid fabrics, Val opted to applique spotty gecko's across her lovely.
No, not those annoying imports of the Gecko world that like to set up home in our quilting stash and create havoc, our own little outdoor native geckos, spots and all!

Anika, who enjoys the journey of creating quilts using fabrics from sources other than the LQS found some fabrics at the local op-shop and created this lovely.
Anika strip pieced lengths, cut them into squares, cut on the diagonals to create 4 triangles, arranged a pleasing design and Voila! another beauty.

Anika also had this Q.A.Y.G to share with us, following guidance from Stella and creating another vibrant charity quilt.

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