Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Fair 2009......

was a huge success, all the groups raised lots of lovely money to spend on 'tools of the trade', tutors and books for their respective libraries, but oh heck, busy just doesn't cover it, work, work, work, but at the same time, fun all round, chatting to other group members that you may not have seen since Easter Fair, greeting long term return shoppers, meeting new community members and even the odd person being inspired to join our Cottage..........odd as in number......not odd..........lovely people all, really.

Had just finished my little stint being 'dish pig'  gawd I hate that term, I think dish picker upper and table wiper is better, longer, but better...........sorry I digress, handed my apron and dishcloth over to the next volunteer - Hi Barbara - and was just standing there - having a little nanna nap with my eyes open, as you do, when I focused on a beautiful smiling face before me, it was Joy!, from Joypatch, the 1st prize winner of our Birthday giveaway.

She and her Darling, Darryl had come up from Brisbane to visit our Fair.  It was so lovely to meet them both, and of course we then had to go meet Sheila and the other girls.

 No sooner had Joy and Darryl left than the Grandies arrived.  I've always let them loose at the Fair's saying 'You can have anything you want', feeling quite safe, little boys aren't going to want expensive things now are they?  Well this year there were a couple of narrow escapes, think I will be using different words next Fair day...smile..
Still, we managed to do some serious damage to the plastic, the eldest choose these items to decorate his bedroom for Christmas

and the youngest choose these, he particularly loved the bird on the day but I hear that the mouse, aptly named 'mousie' is now the favourite.

but the Rudolph finger puppets are a must for the car, so if you see a little boy, sitting up in his car seat, with Rudolph on his finger, he is saying Hi and showing you his puppet.

Still waiting on some addresses for the giveaway winners.  Have decided to post those that we do have.
The mailing addresses for the other winners need to be sent to buderim(dot)patchwork at gmail(dot)com

And guess who Fran met? Fran and her novelties table are always stationed under the trees by the pathway , and Carl, our new 'Buderim Police Beat' policeman was doing the rounds and dropped in to say Hi and meet some Buderim faces, well Fran certainly saw that he did, Carl was taken through the Cottage and met everyone there from the Groups.

 Pic taken with my phone, from shade into the sun, sorry not a lot could be done.

The Novelties table is stocked chock-a-block with small items made by the Needlework Group with the younger set in mind, Fran attends that stall all Day Saturday and Sunday - a marathon effort, one of many marathon efforts from a core of hardworking Cottage members.
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