Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Marcia bought these Kaleidoscope blocks along looking for a little inspiration and a few ideas on how to lay them out and use them, Wendy had a great idea of patchwork blocks between the circles and a piccie to boot, Heather lay the blocks into this layout which had a lot of approval, nicely balanced, and Marcia kind of liked the idea of a darker plain background.
Wendy thought a lighter background would be the way to go and proceeded to demonstrate, bit hard with only 2 small pieces of fabric but you get the idea.
Sue came along at this stage and asked Marcia if she realised she had holes. Marcia thought that there is always one in the crowd. I really can't report where the conversation went from that point, but I can tell you that some were laughing so hard tears were shed.

This is some of the original fabric for the Kaleidoscope, very pretty in its own right.
There seems to be a bit of a Kaleidoscope and Hexagon madness going on within the group, there are hexagons of all sizes spread around the tables and Kaleidoscope quilts galore. Sue made this Kaleidoscope variation in a method she named Twist 'n' Stitch, as she stated 'Its a simple quilt because I'm a simple girl', or did she say it was an easy quilt?......oh well.........whatever!
There was the odd thread or two still dangling around on the flimsy and Sue murmured something about them reminding her of someones chin, that started a bit of a rush to the ladies for some serious peering into the mirrors I can tell you, and some people were just mean and hogged that mirror mercilessly.
Found this great piece on the display table and no sign of the creator, but after a bit, Lorraine came back from Lunch and laid claim to it. It was started at the Lorraine Carthew workshop we did last year, as Lorraine said, about 6 months overdue. But heck, its not a UFO anymore so that can only be a good thing.
As is the case so often with a UFO, little bits get mislaid or used either in error or just because we think 'what the heck - I'll never finish that and I really need that little piece of perfect fabric' and that is what happened to Lorraine with this little quilt, the piece of fabric for the top left hand sky went walkabout, .... what to do??
Lorraine solved the problem by using plain white fabric and colouring it with her pencils. Clever girl!, and if I didn't dob, you would never have known, now would you?
Lorraine with her wallhanging saying 'don't you dare dob!'.......oopsie, sorry Lorraine
Now what on earth is Inge cutting out tiny hexagons for?, well she is getting a little take along project ready and the finished hexagons are going to be used in the world's biggest hexagon quilt challenge that will be held in Gatton, Queensland in May 2010, a n d, get this, everyone who participates in the challenge will go into a draw for a Fabric Bundle Prize valued at $250.00 WOW!, wouldn't you just love to win that. All the details and the story are at the end of the post.
Did you notice those cute little cathederal window cushions on the box lid by Inga??
Yes these little cuties right here. They are little Christmas Tree Decorations, how precious are they!........and who was making them?
why, Betty is making them, she was just sitting, concentrating, stitching and churning these little lovelies out, hope they are for the Christmas Fair, the Grandies would just love them.
This is the information for the World's Biggest Hexagon Quilt Challenge, seems that you can make as many or as few of these as you like or are able.
And do scroll down to the next post to see the pics of Carol Wilks and Svenja's information cards on their Gallery Showing.

Morphology with Carol Wilkes and Svenja

They arrived!, they came!, they are here!,
yep, the excitement has been building waiting for these to arrive.
The front and the reverse of the cards advertising the new Carol Wilkes and Svenja Showing.
Carol, who was one of the Tutors in the recent 'Winter Workshop' at the Cottage just happened to mention that she was ever so busy getting ready for a Gallery Showing, well of course we all wanted the details, a chance to view more of Carol's work isn't something to be missed.
Carol was most enthusiastic about Svenja's work, and now we can see why, this is stunning, Carol's references to fungi now make sense, very beautiful sense.
And a sneak peek of Carol's work, there are more of Carol's pieces featured in the June 28th posting for you to check out although Carol hinted that the Gallery pieces were all different to the work she had to show us at the Workshop, just can't wait for the opening.
For all the info I have cropped the back of the card as well as the front. See you there!!

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