Friday, March 21, 2014

Atrium Glimpses, Steep Learning Curve and busy fingers make light work...

Some renovations being done at the Cottage at the moment, pics to follow as it's a bit behind closed doors - not secret squirrel behind closed doors, closed doors to stop anyone forgetting and tramping footprints over the newly sealed floor, and of course with a newly sealed floor comes fumes.

It was decided to make use of the patio, shaded very nicely by its new fixed awning.  A lot of work from a lot of people, including members of our Management Committee went into getting this awning not to mention the financial help from Councilor Christian Dickson, to whom we are very grateful.
While you sit outside, you can glance into the Atrium for a view of the many inspirational items for sale by the members of the 12 groups that make up the Cottage
Of course, couldn't resist wandering around and taking a few pics of Patchwork Groups offerings.

Hexagon Bouquet by Pat

Assorted Table Runners, bags, place mats and pot mitts from different members.

Rocking chair loaded with lovelies.
 How lucky we are to have this amazing facility to sell our creations.

First order of business for the day was a workshop organised by Sue to thread drawstrings through the many Toiletry Bags made for Najidah, the emergency accommodation service for families affected by Domestic Violence, as you can see, all heads down and busy, busy!

Christine bought along her Scotty Dog, who will shortly be winging his way to a special little Grandie up North.

Marie shared her vibrant new table mat with us, made using the binding tool.  It will be a workshop for after Easter- Thanks Marie...
Another piece from the talented Marie, Machine Trapunto,  this square was going to be the center of a large quilt but sanity prevailed, it would be enormously heavy to quilt on a D.S.M.
This beautiful piece would also make a very nice workshop, or perhaps a smaller version??

Fae, one of our more long term members, who has never even had, or used, a computer, got a little entranced by the rash of Ipads floating around our group, gals sharing quilting ideas, books, family pics, on and on, it all just sounded to delish to miss out on.  Some talk took place, some advice was given, and a Darling was pressed into service to help on the shopping expedition.  Fae is over the moon, and so pleased with her new toy.
Now of course, it's all a bit of a challenge but after just 2 weeks she is emailing friends, taking pics  and generally having a ball.
Her tutor, Marie V reckons next stop, learn to e-mail those piccies!
Just know that if when I miss a meeting, Fae will be another willing helper to zoom off some pics for the blog.

Our Easter Fair is fast approaching, members are dropping flyers into our local fabric stores.  Popped into Johno's where the lovely Robin was only too happy to help out and look what I spotted.
A shipment of the cutest flannels had just arrived, this is just some of the selection and all very  reasonably priced.

This is not a quilt story, but a quilters story.
 Lorraine's new puppy, little Bea (little no more)  had to have that ever so necessary operation, and of course has one of those plastic collars to keep the stitches intact, -as quilters you would know how important that is.
Now Lainey and her darling found on arising each morning that there was a bit of a problem, anything left on the couch over night, stitching, reading material, whatever, was always on the floor, thinking Bea was just being inquisitive they didn't worry too much.
Hoo-evah, the Darling, waking at the crack of Sparrows one morning took the opportunity to sneak up to the doorway and sneak a peek around the corner.
This is what was found.
Not allowed on the couch??  don't think so.
Lainey has given up and put a throw over the couch, bit slack I reckon, she should run up a couple of doggie quilts for Bea, you know, one on, one in the wash. What do you reckon??

If you have got this far down the post, keep scrolling down, just a couple of hours ago Sew,So Crazy posted what the Thursday night gals have been up to and you don't want to miss out now do you?!

Thursday night..............

Busy, busy, busy
Jules was making good progress on her friendship braid quilt.

Letitia's scrappy, spider web, strip quilt is looking really good!

Letitia and her "stuff"

Oh wow, Leanne's colours are great...........

Getting up to no good!!

Kites, kites, kites for Marlene........................ and think she still has thousands to make!!!

Hmmm, Fiona's hand piecing project looks interesting..........

Debs is STILL working on hexagons - isn't her mug bag sweet??

Clamshells on the agenda for Jane.................moved on from the hexies have we???

Jenny's 1930's hand piecing

Jane was on supper duty - a mixture of good and bad - all delicious!!

See you next week!!
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