Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February Finally Finished U.F.O's, and a promised finish

Jackie was just so close to a finally finished U.F.O. she reckoned she was definitely gonna be finished by meeting's end, so we have let her off the hook, mind you, someone did sidle up and whisper, "If she doesn't finish we will dob...."
Trouble is, Jackie gets distracted, a lot, as Librarian, if she isn't jumping up to put her hand on just the right book for someones project, (and I have to tell you, some of those quilt descriptions can be pretty vague) she will be laying her hand on a piece of equipment someone needs or the biggest distraction of all, chatting - well, isn't that what its all about? catching up and sharing?
Jackie started this cutie a l o n g w a y b a c k, but while searching for something else last week she unearthed the button cutie. Just the thing for the F.F.U.F.O. Challenge.
Jackie has her own challenge within our challenge, she plans on finishing one item every month, well that's the plan.
Some sets of buttons saved so many years ago from her little brothers rompers, how cute are the little rocking horses.
From her Grandma's button collection, including some that Jackies Mum had on the front of her 'Tennis Whites'

Karen Do. is also ploughing through the U.F.O. pile, she bought this pattern/kit a couple of years ago at a craft exhiition, for some unknown (even to Karen) reason, they sat there, unfinished by 'just this much'. One tinsy little bit of seam.
A bright and lively cat panel was given to Karen to turn into a quilt, Karen plans on donating this cutie to her local cat rescue center to use as a fund raising raffle quilt. Another U.F.O finished!
Using free motion quilting Karen outlined block elements, which showed up beautifully on her backing.

Chris and Karen Do. had a bit of a collaboration going on. Creating some lovely place mats for her Daughter Chris found a need for just a little more of this lovel V Dub fabric, which Karen was only too pleased to share from her stash. Not needing the remaining fabric, Chris stitched up this terrific oven Glove for Karen as a thank you.

Just checking that there were no missed U.F.O.'s, asked Inge if there were any hanging around, 'No' was the firm answer, but quick as a flash she shows this, with a laugh and a 'but almost'

Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Winter's Day in the Summertime...

We have been having some blisteringly hot and humid weather the past few weeks, today was just the opposite, dull, dreary and drizzling, had an impact on our meeting numbers but those who braved the rain had a great time, not to mention a super arvo tea.

Wendy had her own little sweat shop on the go, she and Karen were busily stitching down the binding on a quilt, looked a little like that old cartoon of Lady and the Tramp and the spaghetti string (yeah, I know, really showing my age here)
while across the table Marie was busily stitching away on one of Wendy's millefiori blocks.

Marion was also working on binding, on a place mat, a gift for a lucky Sydneysider, yes, Marion and her Darling are off to Sydney to catch up with family and friends.

Karen Da. has discovered applique, and is having a ball with a wonderful free B.O.M. from the talented Esther Aliu. Karen recently bought herself a new sewing machine and needed a project to take to machine lessons with Kim of Kimz Sewing and Patchwork. While sharing her blocks with us Karren laughingly told of how she was so caught up in the stitching that when she finally surfaced it was two hours after her lesson was supposed to finish, she was amazed that Kym didn't pull her up and say 'over'. Those who know how generous Kim is, just smiled.
Kim also put Karen onto using a stabiliser under her stitching, makes a world of difference, so much so, that Karen is considering redoing her first block as the stitching sits so much nicer on the stabilised block. Either that or Karen is just having too much fun with these blocks.

Marlene had a quilt to share, via phone pics, made for a lucky family member.
Our Librarian, Jackie challenged the group to all take home a book or two and to read them over the christmas break, mind you, some cheeky sausages said they would take but not read or even open, tch tch.
Marlene chose 'Jelly Roll Inspirations' by Pam Lintott and found a great pattern for a 'boy' quilt, perfect design to lay either across or lengthwise on a bed.

Jackie is working on another had pieced quilt that she drafted the pattern for, saw the design and just up and drafted it out.
We have a new addition to our Library, WALK, the Jacquie Gering book on Machine quilting with your walking foot.
Jackie is considering using one of the designs to quilt her new lovely.

As we all know, East Coast Fabrics are closing down on the Sunshine Coast. Perhaps this is the reason why.
Spotlight to open in Dalton Drive.

Friday, February 16, 2018

How to Beat the Heat...

...simple really, flick the switch and activate the Air Con. Boy are we ever so grateful that one room of our Cottage is airconditioned, its a smaller room but with a little organisation we can all fit!

Karen presented a tutorial to the group on making cute pouches, with a clear plastic front and a zippered opening, these cuties can be made at any size to fit your needs. Just the thing for stacking and carrying 'take along projects'. Karen has made a few of these for our various Fairs as well as accepting the odd commission for gifts

Cheryl shared her version of the pattern Wendy presented a couple of weeks back, using a different layout for another stunning quilt.

Di sent pics for us to share of some of her U.F.O.s, missing is a pic of a lovely blouse she finally finished.
First pic showing Di's Hexi cushions using a lovely soft pallet is courtesy of Penny of Patchwork Angel, thanks Penny.
Di's U.F.O. Show and Share was of a beautiful Shashiko wall quilt.
Using non traditional colours makes this a georgeous addition to Di's home.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

2018 - and so the fun begins...

What better way to start off the New Quilting Year than with a group meeting. Sheila recapped our major achievements of last year and pronounced them all a great success, including the open Christmas tree for Najidah kiddies, some of the gifts pictured here.

Apologies for some of the pics in this post, there has been some gizmo installed on the ceiling above where we present show and tell and it gives all the pics a blue cast. Turns some colours from yum to yuck! sadly, didn't notice until too late.

At last weeks meeting Wendy presented a demo to the group of a Nancy Zieman block, showcasing large areas of beautiful fabric you just don't want to slice into.
This week, Wendy bought along her quilt using said block for us to ooohh and aahhh over.
At Show and Tell, Wendy ( who is known to state that she never reverse stitches) confided that she suspects she is 'shape challenged' and 'fessed that yes, on this quilt she did do some unpicking...just didn't love the block layout. Well, we were gobsmacked...and those who have been forced from time to time to do the dreaded reverse stitching had little grins of relief.
I'm sure you will agree, it was worth the unstitching. A stunning quilt with a modern flair.
Wendy used both stippling and straight line echo quilting to showcase the design and fabrics.

One of the dreadful 'blue' pics to show you the lovely design layout.
Wendy shot me off the links for you all to enjoy the 2 youTube videos of Nancy with designer Debbie Bowles as well as the fabric requirements for one block, depends on the size of the quilt how many blocks you will make. Thank You Wendy.
Video part 1

Video part 2

Fabric requirements per block
12.5" square of focus fabric

3 strip sets
Set 1
2.5” wide Dark
4.5” wide Light
stitched together and crosscut into 1 @ 8.5” and 1 @ 12.5” segments for each block

Set 2
2.5” wide Dark
2.5” wide Light
Stitched together and crosscut into 2 @ 6.5” segments for each block

Set 3
1 2.5” wide Dark strip
Cross cut into 6.5” segments 1 for each block
Your blocks will be 18"

Being a 'non reverse stitcher' Wendy had not heard of the wonderful invention that Alex Anderson from the Quilt Show presented to the quilting world last April. Alex had her Son-in-Law the engineer design it for her. You just plug your phone into your machine USB port: download the reverse stitching App from the App store and Bobs you Uncle. Here is a link to Alex giving a demo, for Wendy and anyone else who has missed this amazing invention

Another update....Sorry Di. It was Di's finished finally pillow and cushion that started the U.F.O finishing challenge,.
The U.F.O. gauntlet has been thrown down, yep, the group is challenged to finish those U.F.O's lurking around their sewing space, with the last meeting of the month as Show and Tell for the finished U.F.O's. Apparantely it all began last week when Sandy Di bought in a finished finally cushion and pillow and things just went on from there. We have a U.F.O counter on our sidebar now, but as Karen pointed out, the gals who always finish a project before moving on are at a disadvantage, no U.F.O's for them. Mind you, I reckon a few of them will unearth U.F.O's from Vinnies to finish - or I know a few folks who would be happy to donate...just sayin'.

Karen Do. was so proud of herself for finishing these two she just could't wait for the end of the month so shared with us yesterday.
A too, too cute Christmas Bunting,
Was told Brian's Fabric had some of this range in stock, worth a visit?

Karen also had this darling zippered box. Karen told the tale of how she got to the end of stitching only to find that there was about half a centimeter of seam allowance that had not been caught inside the enclosing seam. When she realised what had happened, she was so upset she tossed the poor little bag to the back of her desk where it spent the last 12 to 18 months being shoved from pillar to post, it took less than no time to fix, and now she has this cutie, No. 2 finished U.F.O.

Lorraine I,. also had a U.F.O. to show and tell. Not dreadfully impressed with her first foray into improvisational modern, a cut down and re-arrange found her with this quilt in a strong, vibrant colour palette, which coincidentall matched up perfectly with the Quilts of Valour sizing. So of course, off to Quilts of Valour to someone who needs and deserves a little love, support and respect.
Lorraine quilted her quilt using a mix of stippling, F.M.quilted leaves and straight line stitching then finished her quilt with a striking pieced binding.

And so another one bites the dust - wonder what the final tally will be for the year? and who will win?

Yvonne has been quietly beavering away throughout last year, creating hexies, lots of hexies - the result? This really cool shoulder bag, beautifully stitched with a really snazzy shoulder strap.

Janice was busily stitching more of her ever so popular coasters that she sells in our Atrium.
If you are a local or will be visiting our neck of the woods, a trip to our Atrium is well worth you while. For opening details and some peeks of the wide range of crafted goodies for sale visit the Atrium page on our Buderim Craft Cottage website
We also have a very handy page of coming events, compiled by the ever helpful Karel Beech

Sheila was constructing a quillo for a dear friends 90th Birthday, but zoomed off to attend to 'leader stuff'. Sue is packing up the ironing station after turning and pressing a pile of tubes that we will be using in the construction of mastecotomy drain bags at a workshop next month.

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