For Sale Quilts

A number of quilts were displayed as 'For Sale'. Some sold, some did not. If any of the quilts featured in the 2019 Exhibition photos tugs at your heartstrings, contact our group at the fatquarter news e-mail address at the top of the blog and we will get back to you, you can also contact us through the Buderim Craft Cottage, contact details are on the site or you can leave a message in the blog comments.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tutorial from Carol Bryer Fallert on Feather Study Quilts

They just keep rolling in.... A wonderful slideshow tutorial from Carol Bryer Fallert on one of her 'Feather Study' quilts.....amazing and so much info. Enjoy

Patchwork Film for you to watch

 A National Film Board of Canada tribute to the unique art form of patchwork, made in 1996 and inspired by the films of Rene Jodoin.  Interesting pattern play.  The film runs for just under 7 mins.

Just click on the  'Courtepoint by Gail Thomas' link at the top of the sidebar.

As usual, (and no I don't know how to fix it) the video screen overlaps out into the 'blog skin', so use your slide bar at the bottom of the screen to bring the movie screen into view, this will give you access to the 'full screen toggle' (two oblongs, one inside the other' at the bottom of the movie screen.  Click on full screen for more viewing pleasure.  Just hit the Esc (escape) button to return to the blog screen
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