Saturday, February 20, 2010

500 Art Quilts.........Stunning new Book

This eagerly awaited book finally arrived yesterday, had to pre-order it, but finally it is here
It is chock full of the most inspiring quilts, but the quilt I was particularly waiting with baited breath to view was Grass, (on page 151 if you have a copy to hand) a quilt by talented quilter Brenda Gael Smith.

Growing up in N.Z. Brenda now lives and works in Copacabana N.S.W. (how romantic does that sound - Copacabana- just had to say it again...).  Brenda is a quilter, quilt tutor, and quilt designer with lots of patterns available on her site.

Brenda will be coming to Brisbane with the Textile Art Festival  being held at the Exhibition Center on the  25th to 27th June. with a very exciting part of the Festival being the world premiere of the Twelve by Twelve exhibition, including demonstrations and floor talks by her, just think of it, 144 quilts all 12" x 12", from the Artists first theme series.  Now I know this will come as a total surprise to you all, but my fave challenge by these girls is "Pink" from their first colourplay series, followed by "Chocolate"  Being familiar with some of the styles of these 12 talented quilters, its rather fun to look at a theme and pick who did what.

The book is available now from both Amazon Books for AUD 30.84 including shipping or from Book Depository AUD 27.49 with free shipping.  From my experience there isn't a lot of difference in the shipping times.

To see a pic of 'Grass' pop over to Brenda's contemporary quilts site and scroll down to the third row,  hover your mouse over the pic and left click, a larger pic will come up on your screen.  There are other quilts along the same vein on the page too, so lots to see and drool over.
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