Thursday, August 13, 2009

Christmas must be just around the corner....

The ever organised Wendy bought this Christmas sack that she has made for her Grandie, Jack along for Show and Tell. Gosh Wendy, I remember when a Christmas Stocking was all the go..........yep, showing my age again!
It seems that others were also taken with Sue's 4 patch kaleidoscope, Gwen wanted to try the concept and bought this flimsy along today to show her take on the idea, a more formal set out with the double nine patch design, Don't ya just love design diversity!
Heather was really determined that her quilt was not going to 'hit the deck' for these pics, so here we have her peeking over the top of this wonderful teddy bear quilt. It had been all packed up and ready to go to it's new home, but Heather was kind enough to show us the finished quilt as we have seen progress shots over the last few weeks.
Lorraine has been getting a little help with her apiary from a friend and as a thank you she 'ran up' this quilt, only took her a couple of days she tells us.
Lorraine had the perfect backing fabric in her stash, but not enough of it,...gee, isn't that a familiar story? so she solved the problem by piecing the lovely bee fabric with a piece of mottled blue, goes together perfectly,
and shows the quilting beautifully..........two days?, I'm still getting my head around that one.
So who else out there in quilting land pieces their backing? and how do you do it? with a pattern or in simple stripes? How about one large friendship star to make a reversible quilt!
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