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A number of quilts were displayed as 'For Sale'. Some sold, some did not. If any of the quilts featured in the 2019 Exhibition photos tugs at your heartstrings, contact our group at the fatquarter news e-mail address at the top of the blog and we will get back to you, you can also contact us through the Buderim Craft Cottage, contact details are on the site or you can leave a message in the blog comments.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A last Australian quilt...

We have been privileged to have such a wonderful, productive and giving member in Catti, she has kept us in stitches with her stories and greatly amused us with her astonishment at good 'ole Aussie sayings, but sadly Catti will soon be flying home to her native land, something that came home with a bit of a bang yesterday when she presented her last Australian quilt for show and tell, and I suspect she kept the best for last, showing off this superb quilt to us at yesterdays meeting.
 Catti was glowing in her praise of Gwen as a teacher and very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn all the different aspects of quilting in the series of workshops presented  by Gwen last year.  

That favourite day of the year for many came around last Sunday, yep, you guessed it, 'Mother's Day', lots of flowers and pressies made an appearance but Janice reckons she got one of the best.  Her Daughter, who does lovely cross-stitch inserted a native kangaroo paw flower into this sewing compendium as her gift.  Janice has just about worn it out with pats!!
 A closer view of the cross-stitched flower and a flimsey of our next workshop that Janice will be presenting.
 and when she wasn't strolling and patting, Janice was stitching down the binding on this lovely quilt, the top was a donation, and Pamela Jones from Kimz Sewing and Patchwork Center in Warana very kindly did the beautiful quilting in between the chains, the finished quilt will be raffled at the Biggest Morning Tea being held at  'Craft in the Chapel' in Nambour next Thur.19th..  Pop along for a cuppa and a chance to win.

 Maree bought along a 3-D wall hanging that she made about 2 years ago through Quilt University, just to show some of the gals what is available as quilting courses with Quilt University.  '4 Elements' is a very textural wall hanging, with silver lightning bolts shooting throug 'Air',and even tiny shells stitched to the sand in 'Water' is the link if you would like to check the site out for yourself, lots of talented tutors, and there is always a Forum set up for each course so students can communicate with each other and the tutor.  Thank you Maree.

Quite a while back, the gals that generally sit at the noisy err...end table, found a rather enchanting quilt with pattern and directions in one of the quilt magazines from our library, they were so entranced it was decided to do a 'friendship' challenge quilt.  Sadly some have fallen by the wayside but Wendy has finished the first of the challenge quilts with promises of more to be shown at our up-coming (more like up-rushing) TREE-mendous Quilt and Sale Show in July.
 Betty has been working on a Japanese Fabric Hexagon quilt, and bought in the finished flimsey to share with us "Just something I ran up in my spare time" she commented when asked what her inspiration was,  ....and then added "and just something to use up my spare money", bit tongue in cheek.

Heather has been knitting up a storm for her new Grandie to be, the first babe for one of her daughters.  Bub will be born in the middle of winter in Sydney so those cute little cardies will be just the ant'z pantz.
 We were also give the chance to grab some goodies courtesy of Ruth and the lovely folks at Neuendorf Interiors. Ruth came along with boxes and bags of fabric offcuts and ends, just the thing to make loads of cushions, and other house-hold bibs and bobs.  One of our more energetic gals even had the idea of re-upholstering her day bed in a patchwork design!  Looking forward to seeing the finished article.
 Thank you for bringing all those lovely 'treasures to be' along for us Ruth.

Marcia is busily crocheting a knee rug for friends she and her Darling will be visiting next week, yep, next week!, and although she was busily telling a rather hilarious tale from her last holiday, as you can see, those fingers didn't stop for a second.

 Crocheting is really 'The Thing' at the moment, Marguerite is also making a knee rug, sadly I chopped her head off in the pic! I didn't!, I just had a flat battery in the camera and by the time I took a pic of Marguerite everything was way way fuzzy, but heres the goodies anyway.  Sorry Marguerite.
 And as some of us know, Lorraine is an apiarist, she often supplies us with lovely local honey, always a different flavour and colour, depending on the flowers and seasons, well, long story short, the talk yesterday got around to bees and our local blue banded bees, yep blue bees, or blue bottomed bees, or even Amegilla Cingulata if you want to be flash!, however you say it, it's a bit of a startlement when you first clap eyes on one I can tell you, so if you have never seen one - here is a pic
 Took the pic (and a few dozen others) out through the window the other day.  Pleased to see them back and active.
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