Thursday, November 27, 2008

Raffle Quilts

These beautiful quilts, destined to be raffled, were put on display at the meeting today.
This is a little of their story.

Some time back, Judy, one of the groups long time members, feeling that she would not be able to finish the task of turning so many hexagons into a quilt, donated two bags of hexagons to the group.

They languished in the storeroom for awhile, until a couple of intrepid souls decided these hexagons just had to be turned into a quilt.

Volunteers were called for and hexagons dispatched.

Eventually Grandmothers Flower garden blocks returned, with only a few hexagons left out in the cold.

They then set off on the next step of their journey, going home with Sue, the workshop coordinator who shuffled and played and came up with the finished layout, 11 rows of flowers that she stapled together - yes stapled - and no I don't know quite how she managed that, but stapled they were.

And so off on another stage of the journey, more volunteers to stitch the blocks into rows, the rows together, the border to be attached and then this very interesting top needed to be turned into a quilt, and you all know the work involved in that.

Meanwhile, you remember those few hexagons that were left out in the cold? Cold no more, Sue was very busy, turning them along with some suffolk puffs and creative embroidery into a very pretty purple and green striped quilt.

And so the group has two wonderful quilts to raffle.
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